August 14, 2015

I love lists, Friday!

I love lists Friday! // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the ‘net together!

  1.  Could you tell your life story in 6 words?
  2. I should really take my mom to Coscto and write a post about it!
  3. So…you wanna write a food blog….
  4. This lemonade intrigues me! I’d have it with this tomato galette.
  5. Cactus lovers! Look what you can do with a potato.  Also look at these earrings!
  6. I want to swim in this Banana Daiquiri <3
  7. Touch Base is one of my least favorite sayings.
  8. Irving Penn does Food Photography.
  9. Time to get ready for back to school gear!
  10. Clean Rooms…according to kids. HAHAHAA
  11. Food Porn + Bradley Cooper = Burnt
  12. Paul Rudd’s urinal pranks. Hahaha. Oh man.
  13. For parents who are getting ready for their kids to go back to school. (loved this)
  14. Tech’s Selfish Reasons for Offering Parental Leave
  15. How did cats take over the internet??!
  16. Love these shots on Instagram.
  17. For those of you who also love fonts…..
  18. My new favorite necklace
  19. Oh man. This father was so creative! Also…a huge Star Wars fan….
  20. Cats + Soldiers = true loooooove
  21. Meteror shower pics!! 


This week on Ebay I wrote the following guides:

How to Care for Your Houseplants

How to Make Awesome Tacos

Items for a Crazy Cat Lady (that might be me)

  • Pauline

    Thanks for including my necklace Tracy! It’s funny, I stumbled upon your blog just a few days ago looking for meal plan ideas (great blog btw) and I had no idea that I sent you a necklace as one of my customers just a couple weeks ago. As expansive as the internet is, it’s still a small world sometimes 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Tracy

      That’s so awesome!!! I love how small the internet is sometimes 🙂 xooxo Loooooooove my necklace and I love your shop!

  • Caitlyn @ Candid Cerebrations

    I love the tell your life story in 6 words. Mine is “I will get there one day.” What’s yours? And a fun fact about cats and the internet the Walker Art Center in MN had it’s 4th annual cat video festival. One of these years I’m going to have to go.

  • sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com

    chelsea handler slays me. and i afford Costco generally because it all seems like excess spending. minnesota mom to the rescue!
    (geometric triple chevron in gold . . . to look fancy pants during my Costco trips!:))

    “I’m still trying, –give me a bite.” (6 words)

  • sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com

    omgosh – soo0o sorry for the comment hog. but i did 7 words! lol!!! switch to:
    ‘Still tryin’ – give me a bite.’


  • Kate

    I still avoid Costco because the sheer chaos there makes my blood pressure skyrocket, but they really have stepped up with the healthier food options and fresh produce lately. I love the idea that the Internet is like a “cat park”!

  • Trude

    The Perseids are amazing. My parents are up in the mountains above Palm Springs right now to catch them tonight and tomorrow. So jealous I couldn’t go this year! And that dad who made all the helmets is amazing. 🙂

  • Hillary

    Oh that font site is the BEST

  • todd wagner

    That meteor shower was so cool!! Thanks for the cocktail love, Tracy 😉

  • katie

    Thanks for including my gear guide Tracy. Always love your lists!

  • Meg

    Another brilliant list – thanks Tracy, you internet so well!

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