January 19, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists! It’s Friday, let’s surf the internet together. 

  1. Putting this elixir on the TO DO LIST.
  2. Look at this cat bed!
  3. This is beyond crazy.
  4. Where do you draw the line between creative & creepy advertising?
  5. Oh hello, crow.
  6. There’s sneaky science behind kids & technology these days.
  7. I’ve definitely been in this headspace before. 
  8. Gorgeous mosaic floors. 
  9. Good news for the Bay Area. Yay Shake Shack!
  10. Time to drink more tea!
  12. Cute alert:  yoga mat /cats on shelves/leaf pin /cat mug
  13. Apparently, I am 16 years old according to how I see color. WEIRD.
  14. Stuff from our childhood that kids wouldn’t understand now. Le sigh.
  15. People love my sense of humor based on my fries choice.
  16. This salad looks bonkers!
  17. Remember that movie Her? Well, this is happening now and it makes me kinda sad.
  18. Don’t stack your plates when you’re done eating at a restaurant.
  19. Minimal kitchen inspiration
  20. These photos give me a slight panic attack.
  21. I had no idea that January was my least productive month…
  22. Whole Foods is banking on rotisserie chicken

New cookbooks added to my collection:

Can you tell that I’m wanting to use my Instant Pot soon??

have a great weekend!

  • Maggie

    My husband bought me an Instant Pot back during Prime day… I really *want* to learn to love it. I was already used to a manual pressure cooker first. I can’t wait to see what you make and love with yours.

  • Alex

    That mosaic link is totally that guy’s shoe humble brag (a term I learned from you + Joy in the podcast days!).

  • Megan

    Yes, get to using your Instant Pot soon so I can tell my husband whether or not I want one for my birthday next month. My hesitation is making him anxious. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I have an Instant pot and have only used it once so please please help me to take advantage of it! Also, that bird video was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. I could not stop laughing. My dog thought I had gone insane. I love these link wrap ups. Also on a non-this-post-related topic, I love your InstaStories and your mornings with Cooper (and your cats) are my favorite. My parents were never morning people and most of my school mornings were a rush of panic and barely making it on time. Seeing you and Cooper dancing in your robes and making coffee/hot chocolate together seems like such a fun and indulgent time to have together. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Jamie

    I got a CrockPot version of the Instant Pot for Christmas from my mom, as a total surprise (I had decided not to get one for myself), but I’m liking it a lot. Hard (boiled) eggs? Yes! Split pea soup? Awesome. Chicken chili verde while I do legos with the little? Brilliant! Last night’s loaded cauliflower soup was a hit too. A friend did a really great meatloaf and potatoes (at the SAME TIME IN ONE POT) recipe that’s on my list, too. And there are so many resources/cookbooks/recipe lists out there – I’m hooked.

    • Tracy

      So glad it’s working out for you! I have to get mine back in action I’ve definitely been in a Instant Pot slump!

  • Toni

    I love my IP, but people need to be realistic and know that there are certain things you can’t/shouldn’t make in it. I love Serious Eats IP Pho Ga, hard boiled eggs, soups, Mac & Cheese, beef stew…

    • Tracy

      Agreed! I’m starting to see these recipes that call for using other pots and pans in addition to and I’m like THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!!!!!

  • Diana Lopes

    Loooove this list!! The drinking more tea there, simply love the study that gives me even more reasons to drink even more tea, hahah!

  • Wileen

    Your PunkPost link isn’t sad; it’s awesome! (Disclaimer: I am a PunkPost lettering artist.) 🙂 Texting/messaging for special occasions is already so common now, so PunkPost is determined to bring snailmail back to life. That’s a good thing! 🙂

    • Riley

      Ah!!!!! This made me so so so happy to see! Thanks plenty for being a Punkpost artist–you guys have been lifesavers and are very talented. I hope she reconsiders her little comment. snail mail needs to stay alive and as ironic as this sounds, it can be saved by this great technology!!

      • Wileen

        Riley, I’m so glad you’ve used Punkpost and that you like it. It’s almost like commissioning an original piece of art every time you send a card!

        Tracy, I think it’s a sign that you should download the app and order a card (the first one’s free too!). Request me, and I’ll write you a card you’ll be proud of! ☺️ (but all of us lettering artists are fantastic, so I’m sure you’ll love it either way!)

        • Tracy

          I know I’d like something from you. Your writing is beautiful! Maybe they should show more of your work on their website.

  • Riley

    I’ve actually used Punkpost before and it’s anything but sad! I usually love your lists but felt a little disappointed with your comment regarding Punkpost. Snail mail is dying and that’s what’s sad. I love to write letters and cards and postcards for my friends and family, but the times that I had no time to buy stamps or sit down to write a card, I turned to Punkpost. That’s what they’re there for. People seem to think that handwritten letters can be replaced by technology (or at least technology makes it feel unnecessary or obsolete) but i don’t think so, and Punkpost definitely doesn’t think so. Which is why they’re bringing snail mail back. This isn’t like “Her” at all. Users still compose their own messages, the artists at Punkpost merely handwrite them for us and decorate the cards–something that even I can’t do myself when I write my own letters because I’m vot very artistic. I think it’s a great service. But your opinion is yours. I just don’t want other readers to be averted from it or the idea of it because of this list.

    • Tracy

      I totally understand that the need for it. I’m a romantic who likes the idea of holding a piece of mail that my friend touched. How hard is it to buy a stamp and mail something? Maybe I’m just not the target demographic because I enjoy doing that and receiving mail from people I know, not someone else who handwrote it. I think it’s a sweet idea.

      • Mary

        I agree with you. If I’m receiving a card or letter, I want it to come directly from my family member or friend.

        Why must everything be farmed out these days? Do people not take pride in taking the time to put pen to paper?
        I enjoy sending snail mail myself. Perhaps this service isn’t for me. But it just makes me think what is the world coming to that one can’t even send out their own letter?

        • Wileen

          snailmail isn’t complicated, but you’re right: there are lots of people who don’t send their own creative cards. so punkpost is trying to bridge the gap between not sending anything at all and just texting a message. and just to clarify, the lettering artists go beyond “just writing” your letters. we put time into creating a mini piece of art for each card! you can see some examples here (https://www.punkpost.co/handwriting-examples/sweet), and now i’ll stop bothering you with my punkpost love (but i do love writing for it so much!). ha ha.

          btw, i heart everything you create, tracy! have a great week! <3

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