September 11, 2015

I love lists, Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I love Lists Friday. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the ‘net together!

  1. I loved reading my friend Lisa’s approach to work + motherhood
  2. I’ve started a Stress Log this week.
  3. This bag caught my eye.
  4. I’m all for stripes & plaid
  5. There’s a new trend in gifting….
  6. These scones have me excited about Fall.
  7. The Myth of Quality Time
  8. I love a good renovation!
  9. Life man, LIFE.
  10. My Mom is a Hero Because…
  11. What happens when you don’t shear a sheep for 5 years
  12. I would only go to Burning Man for the photo opportunities. Here are some more.
  13. Steve Jobs wasn’t so awesome at times.
  14. The universe tests us. Always.
  15. I want this photo for my wall.
  16. All the Single Ladies!
  17. This map is HELLA cool.
  18. Goodbye long intimate emails…sigh…
  19. Preordered this book. So Excited!
  20. Drunk History – How this couple met. AMAZING.
  21. We are finishing up the first season of Mr. Robot this week. Love the way it’s shot. (spoilers!)
  22. How to Keep Your Car Organized– I have some tips!
  • Lisa

    So its probably safe to say drugs are encouraged at Burning Man? lololol THAT BAG THO…….SWOON.

  • Kay

    Aahh! Too cute, my 13 yr old daughter went to school today in a black and white striped tank top with a plaid button-up in similar colors to the first photo…

    I guess it wasn’t so unusual

  • Eliza | Pen + Pan

    Stripes + Plaid –> All the Way!

  • Cindy

    Thanks for sharing my scones!

    and I totally loved the piece on motherhood+work.I also hope to still engage in long, intimate emailing…I have a few going right now and I love them!

  • Trude

    So many great links! I can’t believe they got 89 lbs of wool off that sheep, poor thing! And that flower photo is amazing, I just love looking at the work of macro photogs like that.

  • Jamie

    I like stripes and plaid, but LOVE stripes and florals.

    We have many “likes’ in common, I think you will agree with the florals!!!

  • joannabee

    Spoiler alert in the Mr Robot article ;o(

  • Jenny

    you totally called it about Burning Man…this year I kept searching the hashtag to see more photos 😉

  • Trina

    Haha! I heard about the sheep on the radio, then out of curiosity I googled a picture of it. So hilarious! I felt bad for the poor sheep though.

  • Lacy

    Thank you for the mention. xx

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