December 25, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday!! // shutterbean

Welcome to I love lists Friday! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

If you’re hiding out from your family…and you’ve locked yourself in your bathroom, let’s look at a few links together! 

  1. Tea being tossed at -40C
  2. Foods that are good for your gut.
  3. My new favorite bag!!!
  4. This dude knows how to take selfies with animals….
  5. Poking around this website this week. I like what I see.
  6. Gorgeous drink/gorgeous photos
  7. So…the truth comes out!
  8. I love bread pudding.
  9. So many beautiful things in this etsy shop.
  10. Maybe you learned more than you thought you did this year?
  11. The MOTHERLOAD of Vegan Christmas recipes
  12. The kid from the Christmas Story managed to keep a normal life.
  13. People live differently floor by floor.
  14. Totally relatable.
  15. Trends that need to go away in 2016. Yes to the selfie stick.
  16. How I am feeling right now after finishing FNL.
  18. I’m really contemplating this whole capsule wardrobe thing. 
  19. This would be fun to color in.
  20. Tips for taking better iPhone photos
  21. Last minute holiday GIF guide.

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