December 2, 2010

Soups A Plenty!

I’m heavily distracted today. You would be too if you were scouring the internet for good soup recipes. There are soo many good ones, I don’t know even know where to start!  Here’s a list of soups that have caught my eye…

I’ve already made a few grocery lists…I’m pretty sure you will too. Prepare to get sucked in by the seductive powers of SOUP.

Vegetable Based:

Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Parsnip Leek aka Cry Baby Soup from Gourmet Fury

Spicy Pumpkin Soup with yummy Thai Flavors from If You Can Make that You Can Make This

Pumpkin Soup with Creme Fraiche & Shrimp from Sparkling Ink

Red Cabbage Soup from Apron Strings

Vegetarian Split Pea Soup from 101 Cookbooks

Creamy Tomato Soup from Joy the Baker

Fabulous Roots Soup from Simply Photo

Purple Soup (cauliflower) from Chez Us

Curried Zucchini Soup with Coconut Milk from 3191

Mushroom & Tarragon Soup from Dula Notes

Celery Root Soup from David Lebovitz

Balthazar’s Creamy Mushroom Soup from Smitten Kitchen

Vegan Sweet Pepper Coconut Chowder from Resolute Woot

Potato Parmesan Soup with Parsley Fennel Pesto from Running with Tweezers

Chestnut Apple Soup from Sassy Radish

Onion Soup from Lottie & Doof

Miso Soup from Dana Treat

Vegan Tomato & Fennel Soup from Gluten Free Girl

Carrot Soup from Bleubird Vintage

Roasted Vegetable Soup with Polenta Croutons from Tartelette

Pear, Pecorino & Potato Soup from Cooking with Amy

Kale & White Bean Soup from Bake Me Away

Melted Leeks and Quinoa with Poached Farm Egg & Parmesan Broth from Married with Dinner

Delicata Squash Soup with Blue Cheese from A Chow Life

Hearty and/or Meaty

Chicken & Vegetable Soup from Honey & Jam

Lentil Soup with Chipotle Yogurt from Sprouted Kitchen

Scotch Ale, Pumpkin & Pork Stew from Nectar & Light

Black Bean & Ham Bone Soup from Three Many Cooks

Chickpea Tomato Soup with Rosemary by Orangette

Le French Lentil Soup (using Trader Joe’s steamed lentils!) from The Ugly Green Chair

Tortilla Soup from Matt Bites

Garlicky Black Pepper Shrimp & Black Eyed Peas Soup from Gourmeted

Italian Wedding Soup from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Beef & Mushroom Stew from the Pioneer Woman

Pho Ga, Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup from Steamy Kitchen

Mulligatawny Soup from The 10 Cent Designer

Chicken & Dumplings from Leite’s Culinaria

Green Tea Soba Noodle Soup with Tilapia and Mushrooms from 5 Second Rule

Pesto Tortellini Soup from This Week for Dinner

Seafood Miso Soup from Wright Food

Chorizo & Lentil Soup from Seven Spoons

Pork Belly Ramen with Kale, Beet Greens & Snow Peas from Sean Wilkins

Oh btw! That soup up there is my Curry Butternut Squash Soup! It’s super creamy, but with no cream!

  • to kiss the cook

    This is pure, unadulterated soupreme. Thank you thank you for the big bowl of round-up…think I need to go find some celery root. And some lentils. And a few carrots…

  • rita in mi

    I hear ya…. I think I’ve bookmarked at least six turkey soup recipes in the last day alone, and the leftovers are running out quickly! Thanks for the great list.

  • miss james

    oh my heaven! i love soup. it’s one of my very favorite things to eat. i will be trying many of these. and thanks for including my carrot soup. it’s incredible and super easy. try it one day and let me know what you think. i’m curious to see if a super cook like yourself feels the same way i do about it. ; )
    kiss noise!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for including me, Tracy 🙂 This is a fantastic list!!

  • Jessica

    Oh man! I love me some soup and will definitely be referring to this list. So much variety! Thanks for including me, too! 🙂

  • Lynne Piil

    Thanks for this list, saves me scouring….and thanks for not forgetting your butternut curry soup — it is definitely on my list of favorites!! : )

  • Ramya

    Thanks for this….I spent the last 3 hours looking for soups….this is one fantastic list…thanks for ur help…lovely site btw. I’m so glad I chanced upon ur site

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