January 22, 2016

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday on Shutterbean.com!

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday!  Let’s surf the internet together.

  1. These displays are sooooooooo pleasing to the eyes. Ahhhhhh.
  2. This home is in my area and I’m gonna look for it. It’s gorgeous.
  3. What’s new in dietary guidelines?
  4. If only I looked this cute when I cleaned….
  5. This little girl’s room is so freaking cute.
  6. Marriage & sleep schedules.
  7. Chai CUPCAKES!!!!!!
  8. I enjoyed reading Emily’s thoughts on current kitchen trends
  9. Bought a few of these printables for my binder. Love the design.
  10. I can really see the panda when I scroll down.
  11. Habits of people who have kept weight off.
  12. Starting to think about Valentine’s Day…..love this.
  13. The Addams family living room was actually pink. Crazy.
  14. I secretly love reading stuff like this.
  15. Grown ass ladies making tiny homes!
  16. Cool photography tricks.
  17. I was super into Kevin Arnold as a kid…..
  18. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the sky this month
  19. What are you binge watching right now? 
  20. This made me wanna hug my mom tight.
  21. Soooooooo many dots. I love it.
  22. How to Organize a Fridge. I’m working on my own system currently.
  23. History of Medicine — Today it’s just me on the phone for almost an hour because my health insurance’s website doesn’t work.


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