August 19, 2022


The Oath of Manifestation- I LOVE LISTS/ Tracy Benjamin


  1. Some self-awareness lessons for ordering fast food. 
  2. Let’s see what old photos look like colorized. 
  3. How to survive a long-haul flight.
  4. Things I didn’t know a grocery store bakery could do.
  5. The English alphabet is drawn as dogs. 
  6. Why companies are simplifying their logos.
  7. Color is disappearing from the world. 
  8. I finally got a new pair of glasses that I love! 
  9. What made Better Call Saul a masterclass in visual storytelling.
  10. Everyone is just throwing leftovers in a bowl now. 
  11. Vintage snow pictures.
  12. These are not real photos. AI is the new life we are living.
  13. This kitchen looks like it would be fun to work in. 
  14. How to read a sewing pattern.
  15. Dolly Parton is an Earth angel for sure. 
  16. This stained glass sky effect is cool. 
  17. Behind the scenes of Marcel the Shell. 
  18. Astrophotographer works on capturing the Eye of God.
  19. This is why it’s called a hamburger. 
  20. What’s the best way to store cucumbers?
  21. This whole food diary is insane.
  22. Weekend reading: The Dead Mom’s Club

Thanks so much for helping me sell out of Magic Kits!  I might bring more back to the shop during the holiday season. I know we could use more magic during that time of year. XO

  • Ash

    That food diary IS insane! I couldn’t imagine spending $500 on dinner. wow!

  • S

    Same as the earlier commenter: I was mesmerized by that food diary. So much decadent food and SO much alcohol! I know nothing about the author (and more power to you to spend/eat as you please!), but it had vibes of the “voracious eater but skinny woman” trope (think Gilmore Girls). Not sure what I think of when she said, ““My favorite part of the meal is when [my[ food comes. Waiters are like, five entrées, tiny girl! You can’t eat that!” It comes across as, “it’s ok to be over the top and eat a lot as long as you’re tiny.”

    • Tracy

      It bugged me! I thought it was very tone deaf. There are a lot of people struggling to eat and make ends meet right now.

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