February 5, 2016

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday on Shutterbean.com


Welcome to I love lists Friday! Let’s surf the net together:

  1. These peanut butter granola bars are perfection.
  2. This necklace caught my eye…
  3. Making the Perfect Super Bowl ad is tougher than it looks.
  4. Ina doesn’t believe in making goals.
  5. Next time we go to Ikea, I’m picking up some food.
  6. I would love one of these Valentines.
  7. Love these plant illustrations.
  8. Before the winter ends, let’s indulge in simple things.
  9. This chicken recipe looks fantastic.
  10. It’s funny because it’s true
  11. Here’s a reminder: YOU’RE BLESSED
  12. Oh my goodness. This is too good!
  13. I’ve had a lot of crappy avocados lately. I’m not the only one.
  14. My brother would be into this.
  15. Such a beautiful photo.
  16. The pressure is too much.
  17. Like…stop saying the word LIKE. (it’s hard!)
  18. Take be back to Tuscany. Bucket list- spend an entire Summer there.
  19. No more $5 foot long song to get stuck in your head now.
  20. If you need me, you can find me hovering over this bowl with a drank.
  21. Autocorrect hates you. It’s so ducking true.
  • Paula

    That is some solid advice from Ina! As much as I poke fun at her mannerisms, I sort of aspire to be more like her.

  • Libby

    So tired of the crappy avocados! 😛

  • Celeste

    That vegan queso tho

  • Jane M

    You HAD me at #18 … but I’m on pins and needles STILL for your AFTER KITCHEN PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like your kitchen re-do is mine too -no really! Happy FRIDAY! T.G.I.F.! (I did not tag along to Chicago with my husband this weekend- I need a mental break from my career! HAHA I’m so terrible! 30 years of this career! I keep saying “I would be so darn GREAT at retirement – sadly not enough loot to give it up- JUST YET! Maybe some day – a girl can dream)

  • Melissa

    Hey, thanks for the links love lady! xo

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