October 4, 2016

Whole30: Week 2

Whole30- Week 2 on Shutterbean.com

I just jumped right in without notice. Today, Tuesday is day 15 of Whole30. I thought that I would just spend a few days “trying it” out to do some research, but then I just kept eating that way and now we’re here- Day 15. OMFG I’M HALF WAY THROUGH.  I have a big family party to go to this weekend that involves a ton of wine and cheese so PRAY FOR ME.

Cliff’s Notes to Whole30:

remove these things from your lifestyle for 30 days:

  • dairy
  • grains (even corn!)
  • sugar
  • legumes
  • alcohol

The key to being OK with all of that is focusing on all the things you can have!!!  And there are a lot of things….like POTATOES, MEAT, EGGS, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, NUTS, ETC.!! 

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to have a better relationship with food.  Food and I have been going through some crazy times lately. Bad habits were developed and I’d like to create some new/better habits.  I want to feel less tired all the time and I’d like to give my body a rest/reset. I know there are things I eat that aren’t good for me and I am trying to figure out what those things are and what they do. ALSO WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY METABOLISM (hello, 37). Finally, I just wanted to see if I could do something for THIRTY DAYS STRAIGHT.

Things I am noticing:

  • Whoa. I’m less puffy. Like, my stomach isn’t bloated. I think I see my jawline again. Hello, jawline. WELCOME BACK.
  • The first Friday was really hard because I normally like to end the week with a cocktail. I had to figure out something else to do while I had that craving. I watered my plants. I worked on my bullet journal. I did everything I could to resist temptation and I DID IT. Whew.
  • Hanging out with friends wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Instead of having a drink, I put la croix in a glass with some frozen fruit. It gives me the same mouth burn I like in a cocktail so it felt kinda fancy.
  • I am taking my time eating.
  • Whoa. I didn’t realize how much sugar I ate…even for a person who isn’t a sweets person. Sugar is in everything!
  • I am not hungry all the time, which is weird.
  • There is less energy put into thinking about food and how I shouldn’t have eaten what I did and BLAH BLAH BLAH. That brain loop is gone. FINALLLLY.
  • I don’t feel sluggish and sore all the time. Things were crazy for a bit. I felt like my whole body had arthritis the past few months. Well, that stopped.
  • I have to fight my problem solving brain that wants to find work arounds to the Whole30 diet and cheat the system. It’s definitely not helpful. Also, I learned the term SWYPO- Sex With Your Pants On. It’s basically like eating a ton of Snackwell’s (remember those?!) when you’re on a diet. Just because they’re “diet foods” doesn’t mean you can go hog wild.  I am trying to avoid having sex with my pants on…FIGURATIVELY. No dry humping here. I’m married. Geez.
  • My sleep is really deep. My dreams are pretty vivid. I had a dream that I was drinking a root beer float and it was sooooooo good and then I was like WHAT DID I DO?!! Apparently it’s totally normal.
  • I’m getting used to almond milk in my coffee and I actually had it black the other morning because the restaurant I went to only had soy milk as a milk alternative. I can’t believe I drank black coffee. I didn’t hate it. BUT I DO MISS SUGAR IN MY COFFEE. Maybe I won’t by the end of this….
  • I feel empowered by making choices that make me feel better. I make Cooper’s class treats for his birthday and didn’t eat ANY OF IT. Not even a little sprinkle accidentally fell into my mouth.
  • I’m slowing down my thoughts to understand why my impulse is to go crazy on a bag of chips at the end of the day.
  • My body is processing food faster. Hi food/Goodbyeeeeeeeee food.
  • I definitely eat my feelings. Now that I am feeling good, I am more motivated to eat better for my feelings.
  • Restriction breeds creativity, so I am really enjoying figuring out things I like eating with these limits.

Here are some thoughts I’m working on, because changing the way one eats can bring up soooooo many feelings:

-When food is one of my coping mechanisms, what new habits can I create to take the place of an old/bad habit?

-When I’m feeling anxious and I want something crunchy to eat, I ____

-When I am super hungry and it’s not even meal time, I _____

-When I’m not hungry and I want to eat, what is going on?

-When I slow my brain down, I can make better, healthier choices for myself. I just need to REMIND MYSELF to slow down. 

-The times when I really wanted to have a cocktail, what was really going on? How did I want to feel? How did I feel when I said no? How was it hanging out with friends and not drinking?  

  • Ali G

    I noticed a lot of changes, good and bad, at 37. The next batch arrived at 41. Will 45 bring the next set? I’ll let you know.

    I keep toying with the idea of Whole30 as a reset. This might be the inspiration, kick in the pants, to get started.

    I look forward to your posts! Thank you.

    • Tracy

      oh gosh!! keep me posted.

    • Mary Kay

      Your words have totally inspired me! I am planning to start the Whole 30 next Monday. I have been doing a lot of reading and recipe searching. You have great ideas. I can’t wait to feel the way you do now!

  • Jill

    I resonate with so many of your musings! Thanks for sharing this and good luck on the next 15 days!

  • Colleen

    Would love to see some whole30 recipes you’ve been eating lately!

    • S

      Me too! Me too!

      I love this!

      You are doing amazing. It’s not so bad, is it? We’ve all done harder things than give up sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol for 30 days. In the big scheme of things, it’s really not that hard. 🙂 (that’s what I always tell myself….)

      For anyone thinking of doing a whole30, do it!!!!

      • Tracy

        it hasn’t been THAT hard. Nope!

        I’ll be posting some photos of what my favorite things to eat are/were when I’m done!

      • Sabrina

        Thank you for the ENCOURAGEMENT! I just ordered the book and will take your advise wholeheartly…JUST DO IT…

  • Amber | Loves Food, Loves to Eat

    Just reading this makes me want a cocktail :(. But what are you eating!?!?! I eat greek yogurt or toast or oatmeal for every breakfast… i’d be lost without it.

    • Tracy

      been eating a bunch of good stuff. I do miss toast, though. LIKE REALLY BADLY.

  • Kelsey

    Good for you, Tracy! (Not ‘good for you! You’re doing the Whole30’, because that has nothing to do with you being a good person, but reflection and changing habits that you’ve identified you want to change fall under the category of hard work, so, fist bumps for your strong brain and spirit!)

  • Lauren

    Thanks for posting…I have been thinking about trying this. I would love to hear more about what your meals are looking like. I feel like focusing on what you CAN have is the way to get through it!

    • Tracy

      true true!! it’s a glass is half FULL situation…..or else I would be focusing on it being empty.

  • Erica

    I’d love to see some of the Whole30 recipes you’ve been cooking. I’ve been thinking about giving Whole30 a try for a few months now (having some weird health problems…ugh) but am intimidated by how much prep work and planning it seems to take.

  • Sara

    Yes and amen. I’m not doing Whole 30 necessarily but have drastically changed my eating/exercising habits the past few weeks. I feel way, way better. But it’s hard sometimes for me to know what to do because food is my fun! I mean, I’m having fun being creative with healthy food and it truly is yummy. But weekends are hard! So hard. Hang in there! I like to remind myself “I can do hard things.”

    or “I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway.” lol

    • Tracy

      food is TOTALLY my fun. Like….that’s what we do to entertain ourselves on the weekends and that’s what I WAKE UP FOR IN THE MORNINGS.

      my mantra:

      I can do hard things. This isn’t that hard compared to the hard things I’ve done.

  • India

    Way to go, Tracy!! I think alcohol and dairy would be the hardest for me. But I am so very impressed by people who do it. I hope it resets you in all the ways you hope.

  • Iris

    I love this! I would love to see some of your recipes like breakfast lunch and dinner ideas. I tried while thirty once ansd felt so lost that I quit.

  • Byanca

    I’m rooting for you Tracy!
    Thank you so much for sharing, your achievement is so inspirational. It must be especially hard to cook regular food for your family and watch them eating all those carbs. Hang in there!

  • Meredith

    Hi Tracy! I love your blog. I was wondering what journal you were using to help you track your Whole 30. I think you posted a photo of the journal awhile ago but I can’t remember where or find it right now. Thanks!

  • Monica B.

    I’m sending you prayers of support on the next 15 with a boost for the upcoming weekend. I appreciate your clarity on all the components to this time in your life. When I start to to feel better, I remember those good feelings when presented with a choice that doesn’t bring those good feelings I’m feeling or felt. All the best for you!

  • Heather @HeatherChristo

    Thanks for sharing Tracy! I would love to see what recipes you have been using!

  • Beth

    How did you find this went while also cooking and feeding your husband and kiddo? I want to try it but am worried about 1) spending even more on groceries 2) making two meals a night. All advice welcome!! My kiddo is 3 🙂

  • Regina

    Gah- way to go! I am also 37 and am on day 4. I am feeling pretty good, but definitely miss peanut butter and sugar in my coffee. Keep up the great work, I love your blog!!

  • Christine

    Great read and good job sister! I’m not a sweets snacker so I’m curious about cutting out sugar– I’ll get the book and read up 🙂

  • Joy

    Those questions you ask at the end of your post are SO relevant to me. I’m trying to find the answers to some of the exact same questions myself. This year has strangely been such a crazy food year for me. I find myself eating emotionally WAY too much and 90% of the time I don’t even understand the reason for it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I love hearing your insights.

    • Tracy

      food is really exciting and i sometimes i have absolutely no impulse control. controlling my impulses trumps my willpower. i am reaaaaaaallllllly working on that!

  • Katy

    Tracy, so happy for you! Last you had posted you werent so sure about doing it and then – BAM! – you’re half way done! That’s awesome! I am nearly 37 and I have 6 days left to go on my round of Whole 30. I might have a cheat meal, but then I’m right back on it. I just feel so much better with this lifestyle. My story echoes yours and I feel so much stronger mentally and physically when I eat simply like this. I’ve done a few rounds before and my husband does it with me. I have two kids, twelve and four, and J notice that they eat a lot healthier just because we don’t offer the junk or have it in our house. I’ll give them “treats” and it doesn’t tempt me that way. I can get through a few minutes while they eat a cookie, but I’m not sure if my willpower if I kept them in the house. Haha! Seriously, it’s like food freedom, because my cravings are gone and no alcohol is a super bonus! Best of luck to you. You’ll feel better and better (and get used to the black coffee 😉 Way to go XXO

    • Tracy

      You are so right about the food freedom! I really want to get Casey to do it with me! What is it like having your husband on it with you? Do you help motivate each other?

  • Sam

    Hi Tracy!

    I’m relatively new to your blog and just want to thank for you all of the great content and beautiful images. I especially love your Friday “I Love Lists” posts. I can totally relate to what you said about the vivid dreams! I just started my 3rd round of Whole30 and my dreams have been wild. Just last night I dreamt that I got kidnapped by Pablo Escobar (Narcos) and he had a buffet of treats at his house that I had to avoid.. so random. Good luck on the rest of your Whole 30!! 🙂


    • Tracy

      Oh my goodness. Your dream! How wild is that?! Were you watching the show before bed?

      Last night I fell asleep….like IMMEDIATELY while we were watching a movie. My body goes into deep sleep mode really fast since the whole30. And then my dreams are all so cinematic! They’ve been taking place in a hotel and it’s like the inter-workings of the hotel and the relationships between employees. It’s like a soap opera and then there’s the occasional food/buffet/OMG WHAT DID I EAT THIS IS AMAZING/WHAT HAVE A DONE parts. This hotel is in the woods. It’s got a Don Draper just drove off and is living out of hotels vibe mixed with Wet Hot American Summer.

      Anyways. Glad you’re here. Welcome to my randomness!

  • Kristin

    I saw your post that you were starting to think about it/get ready for it, and so I researched it and decided to jump in too! We are only three days in, but I am amazed at what a difference it has made already. The quickest (or most quickly noticeable, I should say) change for me was how I’m not hungry all the time any more…I’m so happy to hear that there are more positives that I can look forward to!

    And for those that say the prep/time is intimidating–honestly I’ve been surprised how much mental space this has freed for me, We are cooking so much more at home but it’s easier, I think because the program is so black and white and clear-cut. My partner is somehow more invested in this than our usual meals which makes a difference, and the program also takes the internal/external blame game out of the equation; it’s not ‘oh, we shouldn’t have ordered pizza, why did you let me get deep dish’, it’s ‘welp, guess we’re having broccoli and chicken breasts tonight’. I am interested to see how our first weekend goes; that’s usually a binge time for us so I am following with interest to see suggestions for alternatives to eating as entertainment. Thank you for sharing with us, especially the reflections and changes–it is so helpful to us just starting on this journey.

    • Tracy

      YES! The mental space clears up completely. I find that I have less guilt in what I eat (which was a huge problem for me) As a result I don’t have a spiral of OH MY GOD WHY DID I DO THIS I WAS TRYING TO BE GOOD. WHAT HAPPENED. That headspace puts me in anxious mode. Anxious Tracy mode is not good for anyone.

      When I have a boundary set (like this restriction), I can prevent a lot of unnecessarily feelings. Feelings….that prevent me from being satisfied in the NOW and interfere we me being present.

      Right now…feeling all the feels. ALL OF THEM. Cuz I’m not EATING THEM.

      • Ellen

        All of this resonates with me! The anxiety you get from eating things you’re not “supposed to?” That’s me all the time! My Whole 30 starts tomorrow, and you’re my inspiration for trying it out. Wine will be a hard one for me, but I dig your LaCroix/frozen fruit idea. You’re doing great!

  • Jenn Cullen

    Pretty please post more about your whole30 foods! Just finished a round and about to start round 2 soon. What kind of things are you meal prepping? What about on the go foods? Would love to see your process.
    You got this!

  • Marisa

    Thanks for sharing your experience so far! I’m *this close* to jumping in, but keep giving myself excuses to put it off. I’m just short of turning 37, my metabolism has slowed big time over the past 1-2 years, and my skin is super temperamental. I feel like this would force a big time clean up on the junk I’ve let creep into my diet (sugar! evil!), but I’m so scared to change my current focus (maybe better termed “non-focus”) on food -> quick, fast, whatever we can get our hands on between work/school/soccer/swimming/piano/homework/etc. And I want booze on my birthday. So, maybe after that 🙂 GOOD LUCK on your last 2 weeks!

    • Tracy

      I would definitely not want to do this on my birthday!! Would be a good reset for your new/next year!

  • Erin

    This is beautiful. I teared up at some of the things you wrote because food is emotional. And emotions entangle in food. Thank you for being honest and inviting me in 🙂 I’m rooting for you.

  • Alicia

    I also embarked on a Whole 30 about a year ago (also at 37! What is it about 37??) after resisting it for *so* long. I remember getting pissy with my trainer about pasta at one point! My experience sounds a lot like yours. I felt better. I was much less puffy. My digestion improved dramatically, after decades of IBS stuff. Mt relationship with food also shifted, and that “brain loop” you referenced was gone. Now, a year later, I am not as strict but I am much more aware of my eating patterns, how my body responds, and I still feel much better.

  • Danielle

    It’s just crazy how our bodies can change so drastically after only 15 days. I’m not eating 100% clean, but I have been consciously eating MUCH healthier for the past two weeks. My question is – without dairy or grains, what do you eat for breakfast? All of the other meals I’d be fine with, but I do love a greek yougurt with fruit or some oatmeal in the morning. And eggs are unfortunately not my favorite.

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

    • Tracy

      i have a bowl of fruit with nut butter & coconut flakes
      i’ll eat nuts & raisins with a banana
      and i made this applesauce the other day (that I will share) that had nuts in it so it tasted like oatmeal! it was good!

  • Julie

    Hi Tracy,

    Congrats on your Whole30! I’ve done 2 in the past year, and although I don’t foresee doing another in the immediate future, some of the positive habits have definitely stuck.

    Amen to your comment, “I miss sugar in my coffee.” From personal experience, I can share that you MAY actually enjoy drinking it black over time; I can’t believe that this is one habit that’s stuck with me and helps me only drink good quality coffee now.

    Like you alluded to, I think the thing that most shocked me was how interwoven my emotions were with food. I certainly knew that I ate for emotions, but I didn’t realize that I could, in part,control my emotions with food. I found it amazing!

    I love that someone said, “I’m rooting for you!” I’m rooting for you too! You share so much of yourself through gorgeous, artistic peeks into your life in this blog – we owe you are energy to help push you through the final 2 weeks! YOU GOT THIS!

  • Lori

    Way to go on making healthy choices! I’m super impressed. I “did a cleanse” for 10 days and didn’t even follow all the rules, so I’m super proud of you 🙂

  • Tania

    I’ll be honest with you. Last year I did Whole 30 (or my version of it anyway) and I managed to completely cut alcohol out of my diet. It’s actually really bad for the female body and it really disrupts the female hormones and gives you wrinkles and cellulite and gray hair. So bye bye red wine and cocktails.
    Oh and I also came out of it a vegetarian though I’m still on the dairy wagon.
    Powerful stuff the Whole 30, tread with caution.
    Best of luck!!!!

  • Krysten

    I am really glad you posted this, especially the part about needing a food reset. I appreciate that honesty and “peek behind the veil” if you will. I follow so many food bloggers and I just can’t fathom how they have all this delicious decadent stuff around all the time and maintain their health. Your posts are balanced anyway between healthy meals and treats, but the sugar struggle is REAL.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • libby

    I just came here to say that dry humping between married people is highly underrated. 😀

  • Ashley

    Good for you! Keep it up girl! I know how hard it is! I did something called the Anti-Candida diet/cleanse, whatever you want to call it (google it) which is pretty much just meat, veggies, nuts & legumes. No sugar whatsoever – not even fruit. Also no peanuts, coffee (death.), black teas, pistachios and some other random things that are apparently slightly moldy.

    The good news is that it completely changed the way I eat and I mostly choose to eat that way now, the bad news is, I came out of it with a MAJOR obsession with donuts. All I wanted while I was on it was donuts (candida is a yeast overgrowth, and you don’t want to feed the yeast because it survives off of suuuugar, and I think donuts just had everything I couldn’t have – grains, yeasty products, sugar and dairy).

    Look up candida cleanses – it’s very similar to Whole30 – and will give a bit more explanation on why you feel so good. Isn’t it great! I never knew life without bloating! And a clear head, good sleep, well rested. Those are the things to remember to keep you motivated after the 30 days are done – not what you can’t eat but how food makes you feel. We did a trip to Portland and I came back with a legitimate food hangover – went straight to Whole30/Candida Cleanse/Paleo/clean eating/whatever you want to call it, to reset. It’s so good to learn how to actually heal and listen to your body hey?

    Okay… this is turning in to a long post, but I’m just so excited for you! So glad you’re seeing a change in your body and having this food conversation with it.

    We’re rooting for you to fight those cocktail cravings (while I fight my donut ones) and, a little extra challenge to kick it up a knotch: try giving up coffee and see if that brings even MORE change.

  • Hannah

    I’m excited for you Tracy! I also recently took control of my relationship with food and haven’t looked back. Feels good to be charge!

  • sara forte

    You make me want to do it! I tried a half ass version when Hugh did it about a year ago and both of us felt so much better. We keep talking about doing it again but then the day goes and I want candy and wine everyday and here we are. All your feedback is so helpful and inspiring. And outside of this post, just as a general affirmation, I think you are an amazing blogger. Your content is so helpful, your ideas are practical (I send them to my mom all the time!) and even the sponsored stuff feels natural. You’re so great. Cheers (with a la croix).

  • Erinlucy

    We’re on the same wavelength! After starting half heartedly 2 weeks ago, I’ve been following the ‘slow-carb’ diet (some people call it low carb high fat) strictly for the past week and I’m noticing huge changes. I prefer this to the whole 30 so far because although you can’t have fruit, you can have legumes and most importantly RED WINE. Good luck with the last half of your whole30, you can do it!!

  • Courtney F

    Way to go!! It isn’t actually hard to do a Whole30, the hard part is the lifestyle change, the mind-set change … and you are rocking it!! I love when people ask, “what are you eating?” like you are down to celery and water LOLOL

    Good luck with the last two weeks!! And with your reintroduction, I recommend taking that nice and slow, and truly seeing what your triggers are!!

  • Nikki

    Thank you for breaking down your thoughts like this! A couple of friends have done Whole 30 and for some reason none of what they’ve said has resonated. Appreciate you putting yourself out there and it’s super inspiring. Oprah would be proud ;).

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Loved reading about your experience! Keep it up, you’re doing so great!! The thing I like about these processes is exactly what you highlighted – allowing you to reset and improve your relationship with food. To re-learn what foods make you feel good, how much, etc and to break out of habits that were just there because they’re habits. Each season this can look different, which is the cool thing – what makes us thrive one year may change the next as our lives and circumstances change. It can help us listen to our bodies and honour them a little better. Anyway, I hope it continues to make you feel good! Happy weekend, hope the party goes well. There’s absolutely no cheese replacement in the world, so I hope you have something yummy there XX

  • Nicki

    I just wish I could NOT worry about what I am eating. I mean, really. Life is so short and at the end of it, will I be glad that I spent most of my adult life feeling bad about what I eat? Will I say, darn, I shouldn’t have eaten all those CARBS?! Which is what I’ve done..been obsessive at times. It’s ridiculous. I honestly am sick of trying this and that and then failing. Nothing for me is sustainable for the long haul…. I do watch sugars(for sure), and I don’t drink but honestly, I’ll eat in moderation(and sometimes I just eat freaking everything)that I want. It is a balancing act. And that seems to work. Stressing out about food(or anything else) makes cortisol levels rise, which leads to more weight gain. I am learning just to chill out and enjoy life. I’ve been a size 2 for much of my life, and now I’m at an 8. And this upsets me. And it shouldn’t. My husband is a recent survivor of Stage 4 cancer, and when I see myself freaking out about my food intake and the size of my jeans, I take a look at him and see how short life truly is. Sometimes, I just wish I was happy, truly happy, in my skin. I’m working on it. I’m 43.

    • Tracy

      thank you for sharing, Nicki! Good note about the cortisol. I forget that stress can cause so many other physical ailments!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, it’s been a while since I last checked out your blog and what do you know, we’re doing the Whole 30 at the same time! Since I don’t eat meat I’ve actually kept the legumes in there to make sure I get my protein in. Hopefully it still counts 😉 I can’t wait for you to post some recipes because I am finding that I feel hungry ALL the time. Week 2 has been an improvement, but week 1 I honestly didn’t think I could make it through life without grains. Still here though! Thank you so much for posting about your experience, I am so encouraged and look forward to reading about the rest of your journey!

    • Tracy

      Oh that’s rad! I am glad you’re back, Elizabeth.
      I was wondering how Whole30 would be if someone was a vegetarian. The first two weeks were somewhat challenging for me because I’m not used to eating that much meat… but now on week 3 I think I’ve adjusted. I think I don’t feel hungry all the time because my stomach is filled with protein and I feel satisfied. I wonder if you can find some things that will help fill you up for a longer period of time?

  • Allison

    I’ve found A little cinnamon in my coffee is a nice alternative to all the sugar I used to use.

  • Jenny

    I have not heard about Whole 30 before but going through your posts right now has me intrigued to learn more about what it can do for me.

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  • Darlene

    Thanks for sharing your journey…mine begins tomorrow..Thia time take a new road, wish me luck!

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