January 26, 2017

Current Favorite Podcasts

Looking for podcast inspiration? Here are the Current Favorite Podcasts Tracy's listening to at Shutterbean.com

We all listen to podcasts in different ways. Some people like to listen while working out. Other people rely on a podcast to get through a tough commute. I’m a person who listens to podcasts while I’m out hiking or doing something productive like folding laundry or cleaning up the kitchen. Lately, I’ve been taking notes in my journal while podcasting and have found it to quite relaxing. Maybe part of me just misses note taking at school. #lovespens

I like to tie my podcast listening to an activity because it can become an enjoyable part of a routine.

When I fall off the podcast train, some of my routines suffer!

Or is it the other way around?!?

Looking for podcast inspiration? Here are the Current Favorite Podcasts Tracy's listening to at Shutterbean.com

Since some of you have asked, here are my Current Favorite Podcasts if you’re looking for something to listen to while you:

  • work in the kitchen
  • fold laundry
  • clean up the kitchen
  • commute on a train
  • are stuck in traffic
  • run your ass off on a treadmill
  • hike up a mountain
  • balance your bank account
  • craft it up
  • do whatever you do when you listen to podcasts

my podcast requirements:

  • not too long
  • something that will make me think
  • something that will keep my attention
  • something that will add value to my life
  • humor is not required but thoroughly appreciated!
  • can be something I pick up easily after missing a few episodes

The Minimalists

Right now, I am currently spending most of my chore time listening to the Minimalists Podcasts.

One of the mantras I’m working with is:

Work smarter, not harder.

This podcast is starting to remind me of the small things I can do to change my life…mostly mindset changes. I’m starting to put the pieces together on crafting a life that doesn’t involve me wasting time doing unnecessary/limiting maintenance.

Right now I’m new to this podcast, so I’m picking an episode at random.  I keep listening because the way Joshua & Ryan simplify complex ideas draws me in. Sometimes their self-promotion annoys me (but also, RESPECT!!!), but I always leave with ideas/concepts to focus on as I declutter my life/house/brain. And while I’m sitting there folding laundry, it makes me evaluate the things we have and how much they end up owning us.  Getting rid of stuff that clutters my house and my mind means that I have more time to do things that I couldn’t do before…like easily manage the things I have.

Some of my favorite episodes so far are:

Stress /  Impulses /  Essential  / Noise / Mental Clutter


One of my favorites!  Storytelling + scientific research= Invisibilia.

Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel explain the invisible forces that control human behavior. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT I LOOOOOOOVE. Science is presented in story form. That’s how my brain can digest it!  I listen to this one mostly in the car for some reason. Not sure why, but my brain processes what they say better when I’m in motion. Cooper has even listened/enjoyed a few.

Some of my favorite episodes:

The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes /  Our Computers, Ourselves  / The Secret History of Thoughts


Radiolab is one of those podcasts where if you don’t choose the RIGHT episode to start with, you might lose out on the whole show.  The first episode I listened to was a live show with an audience while I was on a plane once (IT WAS LOUD!) and it was DEFINITELY not my jam. I am grateful that I gave it a second try because it’s one of my faves. I go back and forth between listening to this podcast & Invisibilia because I get the same, WHOA that’s cool! I had noooooo idea— feeling.  (that is one of my favorite feelings)

Some of my favorite episodes:

The Fix / Debatable / On the Edge

Art for Your Ear

Danielle of The Jealous Curator started a podcast called Art for Your Ear. She interviews artists on their work/process/creative work lives. I find it totally inspirational and love being introduced to new/cool artwork in the process. It’s a good podcast to listen to while you’re working on something creative.

this episode really spoke to me:

A Disciplined Free Spirit 

The Jess Lively Show

I mostly listen to The Jess Lively Show because I am in awe of her drive. She was meant to podcast. I can clearly feel it and I love her dedication to the craft. To be honest with you, I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with her podcasts, but she still remains in my reader. She is my go-to when I need encouragement/uplifting advice.  Some of her shows are quite empowering and her lineup of guests is pretty choice too!

Elise Gets Crafty

If you also love hearing about other artists’ business owners processes, you’ll love Elise Gets Crafty. There is a thoughtful exchange between Elise and whoever she is interviewing. (She interviewed me once!) She asks such helpful questions about how people do things and why they do them. I really appreciate the honesty both Elise and her guests offer up.  If you’re someone who makes things and runs a small business, I definitely recommend.

Uhh Yeah Dude

America through the eyes of two American Americans. This one is a bit of an acquired taste. Seth Romatelli & Jonathan Larroquette (son of John Larroquette!) have been podcasting for YEARS, so their body of work is quite massive. I think I started listening to them when they were on their 200th episode and now they are currently at 557!   They go off on tangents and are at times, wildly inappropriate. Every few episodes, I find myself CACKLING.  I like to think that Uhh Yeah Dude is like a male version of The Joy the Baker podcast….but without any filters / if we didn’t give AF / if my mom didn’t listen.

Uhh Yeah Dude makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my bros.   They’re just dudes…talking…reading headlines and making commentary. Seth gets wound up. Jah is a cool cat, until he’s not. They are a Libra/Leo combination, so I like seeing how they compliment each other. (Cooper is a Libra & I’m a Leo).

They even do live podcasts that are funnier in person. Seatbelts!

***def not for kids. language!***

This American Life

Doesn’t everyone love This American Life?  Not all of the episodes resonate with me, but when they do, THEY DO!  When I’m on a hike and I need a good brain reset, I get sucked into one of the stories on This American Life.

My all time favorite episode was: Notes on Camp

Story Pirates Radio

Cooper and I listen to Story Pirates Radio when we have a good drive ahead of us. The premise is that a child submits a story, they read the story and then they adapt the story/embellish it and turn it into a performance. I think it’s probably really close to the radio programs my mom & dad grew up on. I like that they interview the readers afterward and talk about their process/motivation behind the story. It gives Cooper and me a lot to talk about since he also loves reading and writing.

Brains On!

Another podcast for our mother/son driving time that we enjoy is Brains On!  Again, it gives us something to talk about and it keeps our attention! They’re so creative in the way they deal with each topic. It kind of reminds me of Mythbusters in some weird way.


I also really enjoyed listening to the first season of Serial. I tried to listen to the first two episodes of the second season and I just couldn’t get into it. Did you finish it? Do I NEEEEED to listen to it?

To answer your questions, and I’m sure they’ll come up…..like…

What happened to the Joy the Baker Podcast that you used to record with your maj, Joy the Baker??!! 

We have taken an unexpectedly LONG break!  What happened? Life events/work/growth happened and the energy we put into producing quality podcasts wasn’t sustainable for our schedules.  We stopped for a bit and then we were like….how did we ever do this??! And…. how did we ever do this thing (real talk: for free + shelling out money for site/podcast hosting) when our time is limited and we’re putting everything we can into our family/book/blogs?  We really miss the connection we had with our listeners, so we’re dreaming up a way to do it again! If you’re interested in listening to us in the future, thank you for your patience. Hopefully, when we record again, it will be worth the wait.

Soooooooooo- What are you listening to?

I’m sure you’re gonna say, My Favorite Murderer, right?  I listened to the first episode and thought—-oh my god, I am going to have a panic attack and never leave my house again. Will that always be the case? Do I want to subject myself to that?

Tell me what has your ear these days.

  • Jemma

    Oh my gosh, I promise you that My Favourite Murder is worth it! They have also recently started making sure that they finish on a happy note by sharing something great from their week… which means you can listen to it before bed and not have bad dreams! 😉

    Thanks for this list – I’m going to check these out!


    • Jemma

      Also… I’m not sure if you will find them quite as funny as I do, but “Hamish and Andy” are an Australian radio duo who make me laugh out loud every single time I listen to them. To the point where I can’t listen in a public place! Highly recommended. 🙂

  • Rose

    Thank you for the list Tracy!. I am definitely going to check
    out Minimalist. I really like The Splendid Table. I love Lynn Rosetto Castros soothing voice and the podcast always includes several short interviews with interesting guests in the food and restaurant world. Check it out!

  • G

    Sword and Scale. I’m addicted.

  • Joc

    Beautiful Anonymous and Terrible, Thanks for Asking. Apparently my qualifications for a podcast are ones that will make me cry 🙂

  • Kelsey

    Radiolab will always have my heart and I LOVED season 1 of Invisibilia. I’m listening to Pod Save America (it’s very bro-y but very informative), Reply All, and I love Stuff You Should Know (and some of those Cooper might be able to get into too) and The Longest Shortest Time too.

  • Joy

    Great list, Tracy! I already listen to a couple of them but I’m going to check out the others.

    As for the Joy the Baker podcast, I’m so glad you brought it up. It was my absolute favorite and I’m excited to know that you and Joy are even thinking about bringing it back in some way. 🙂

  • Jill

    Thanks for sharing your faves! I love Another Round with Heben and Tracy and On Being with Krista Tippett.

  • Jen

    Thanks for the list Tracy! Will out a few. My recommendation is for Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I listen for the life hacks, things to try at home and for the sweet relationship between Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth.

  • Amanda L

    Fat Mascara, fashion editors who talk about beauty products, and biz. They always have great top notch interviews. Love it!!

  • Jamie

    Currently listen to quite a few of the Podcasts you have listed. 2 more to recommend:

    The Simple Show (Tsh Oxenrider)

    Tim Ferriss

  • Heidi

    Your podcast is still one of my all time faves! So excited to hear you may be recording again.

    My other faves: I’ve been into Up and Vanished and Someone Knows Something lately, something about the True Crime/Investigation appeals to me. I tried My Favorite Murder and liked it enough to try a few more out, I also really like Alec Baldwin’s podcast called Here’s The Thing and Anna Faris’ Unqualified. Great celeb interviews.

    Also, don’t’ feel bad about ditching Season 2 of Serial. I did too. 😉

  • Ashley

    I too love Invisibilia & of course This American Life! Terrible, Thanks For Asking has been my current jam. It’s honest & funny with some sadness (because the subject matter is always about something terrible that someone has gone through). I feel like it’s making me a more empathetic person. My other go-tos are Fresh Air and Here’s The Thing because I love a good interview!

  • Jemma

    I don’t think season two of Serial is essential. I didn’t like it. I miss the Joy the Baker Podcast. My Favorite Murder is great and I don’t feel like I’m going to be murdered. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your favourites!

    I’ve been enjoying Homecoming by Gimlet, I love Surprisingly Awesome, and Happier with Gretchen Rubin, just to name a few.

  • Kendra

    My favorite podcast is “Joy the Baker”!! I miss you ladies so much!! Will you ever come back??!?!?!!

    • Kendra

      I clearly missed where you already addressed this due to skimming through your post… sorry! But please come back! I feel like I have lost friends. 🙁

    • Rachel

      Please please please put the old episodes up so we can listen again!!!

  • Julia

    you HAVE to listen to Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People with Chris Gethard. He simply take a 50 minute call from a stranger and learns and listens to whatever they want to tell them. I’ve learned about a woman who got caught in a cult, what it’s really like to be a nurse, a woman who had to be a video call girl to make money, a nice older lady who was going to vote for Trump, and just a bunch of people doing life. It can be funny, serious, intriguing, etc. but I think you would like it!

  • Lizzie

    I’m a fan of most of the ones suggested here–brain twins! I also love the new one by AJ Jacobs called Twice Removed, where he unearths the family trees of minor celebrities and, at the end of the show, surprises them with someone they’re distantly related to who is also a minor celeb (usually). They’re 60-min episodes but the time goes by fast.

  • Aubrey

    My Dad Wrote a Porno. Jamie Morton reads his 60-ish year old dad’s self published, erotic novel. Hilarious. Each week he reads a chapter with his friends running commentary. It’s not mindful or even helps you be a better person but it is laugh out loud funny.

  • Sara Ann

    I lol’ed at the “My Favorite Murderer”

    I got on their bandwagon in the beginning and I mostly listen because I love them and their personalities. It’s like chatting with girlfriends who live hundreds of miles away from you and you’ve never met.

    Also ever since I learned about the Jonbenet Ramsey case when I was 12 (11? 14? not sure, but probs wayy too young) I’ve been obsessed with crime stories and cold cases. I am that weird person at a party who could talk about Ted Bundy for an hour. After typing that, I feel like a creep. Swear I’m not.

    So if you’re into that weirdness then I’ve give it a shot, but if not I’d suggest you pass.

    Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan at all, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is everything. Also, because I have anxiety The Hilarious World of Depression is pretty great. The recent one with Jen Kirkman had me cracking up on my way to work today. Not something you would expect from a podcast about depression 🙂

  • Nicole

    I listen to podcasts all day long in my car. My dad wrote a porno, crime town, reveal, how how it got in your mouth and the smart mouth podcast, burnt toast, reply all, heavyweight,start up, homecoming,slumber party with Allie and Georgia, my favorite murder,and death sex and money.

  • Kelsey

    Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher is pretty hilarious. Comedians paired up with a professional from a niche field (think Dinosaurs, Scientology, Burning Man!). Sometimes they get a little too riff-y, but it’s a great way to learn more about a subject I may have never looked in to. Also, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is always an easy listen and cracks me up. And Embedded from NPR! They haven’t had any new podcasts since Oct, but holy moly, they are so great! My fav Embedded episode is The Arctic…an insane story! And JTB…always been my fav. Can’t wait to see what you and Joy are cooking up! We miss you!

  • Mikaela

    Lore & Modern Love.

  • Kristin

    Whoa! I just listened to The Minimalists Essential, and I am going to sell my great grandmother’s china (asked my cousins and no one wanted it) that I don’t use anymore but have been reluctant to let go of, am going to scan my photos, and I just got rid of a bunch of “just in case” items. Thanks!!

    I listen to some that you mentioned, and also enjoy The Splendid Table, 1A, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (Paula Poundstone always makes me laugh out loud), and Reply All.

    Finally, I made your Hippy Banana Bread last night, and it is my new favorite! Love the seeds and cherries!

  • alma

    totally happy you made this post !!! i enjoy listening to podcast walking in the car as well i really enjoyed the first season of serial but i began to listen to the second season i couldn’t find myself getting into it .cant wait to listen to your recommendation thanks!

  • libby

    I actually do really love a long-form podcast. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes is one of the only shows that I’ve remained subscribed to for years and years. Sometimes I just really love doing my chores with a conversation playing in the background. Those are like at least 90 minutes, though. Super long.
    Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert gets me off my ass and gets me inspired!
    The Liturgists Podcast is another one of my favorites because it always gets me thinking about really meaty stuff. Also I almost always cry at some point during it.

  • Kaitlin

    I listen to so many podcasts. I keep hearing good things about the Minimalists – going to check that one out! Here are a few of my favorites that I didn’t see already mentioned above – Death, Sex, & Money, One Part Podcast, Marriage is Funny, Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antionette, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, Criminal.

  • David

    For all you moms and dads out there then check out Slate’s Mom & Dad Are Fighting

  • Jamie

    I just listened to Homecoming – it’s a fiction podcast with an AMAZING cast. Brilliantly done.

    Thanks for your list! I love Invisibilia as well, and can’t wait to check out the others.

    PS I just made your gluten free brownies and OMGGGGGGGG

  • Becky

    oh man, I loved the Joy the Baker podcast. In my dream world, you two are picked up by some amazing podcast network and can continue doing it!
    I’m also into Dear Sugar Radio and The Longest Shortest Time. I’m a teacher and not a parent but think a lot of people would enjoy the stories of families and motherhood!

  • Pam

    I had to put in another vote for Joy the Baker podcast!!! I miss it so. Also Joy’s curated boxes – remember those?!! Can you put in a good word to bring those back too (or better yet a joint box!) I didn’t see Alec Baldwin’s podcast mentioned – I really enjoy his Here’s the Thing. Thank you for all that you do and share Tracy – you make my life better.

    • Tracy

      I loved her boxes too!! They were the best. Thanks for your sweet words, Pam! I appreciate you!

  • Christine

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Stuff You Should Know! My favorite, been listening to it for years now. Basically each episode dives into a different random topic from karate to grass to cannibalism, you name it. And the hosts, Chuck and Josh are hilarious.

  • Hillary

    I absolutely love The Moth and Revisionist History (I’m a huge Malcolm Gladwell fan). I also enjoy Mortified if I need a good laugh 🙂

    I’m excited to check out some of the ones you’ve mentioned–Invisibilia seems right up my alley.

  • Kristine

    I only made it through the first 4 episodes of season 2 of serial, it’s not as good! I’m with you!

    But if you enjoyed season 1, I strongly suggest the Undisclosed podcast. It will change your opinion on who mudrered Hae. The production quality is lousy (it does improve as episodes go on) but the detailed nuanced evidence they present is fascinating. And it’s allowed Adnan to be granted a new trial.

  • Nicole

    Yes, thank you for addressing that!! You guys were my favorite podcast!!!! 🙂 Love, love you guys!! Would welcome you back at any time!! 🙂
    Hey NPR’s The Splendid Table is a great podcast, I bet you would love it!!

    • Tracy

      I haven’t listened to Splendid Table in YEARS! It’s time to get it back in my reader.

  • Christina C

    Thanks for sharing this list, This American Life is my all time favorite and notes from camp is the best!

  • Jenn

    Joy the Baker podcast was the first podcast I listened to ever. Now I’m hooked on a bunch more! I really really enjoy Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham and Young House Love has a Podcast.

    Since I know you love Ooooooooooooooooooprah there was a special Making Oprah podcast miniseries that was very interesting.

    Wouldn’t be sad if Joy the Baker podcast came back (also understanding why it left.) Selfishly, I loved listening to you guys!!

  • Priya

    Well I was super excited to see what you recommeded because I’m currently listening to Ted talks and This American Life…. and there is a JTB podcast shaped hole in my heart. For a time I would sometimes go back and listen to an old one (Mos Def ) and then I noticed they are not on available anymore ! I think I will give Uhh Yeah Dude a go next as a JTB/ Shutterbean replacement xx

  • Emily

    I’m a big fan of the Dinner Party Download. It’s really light listening, and I think about 45 minutes (the length of my commute if I drive, so even better for me). They do interviews with musicians, authors, and actors promoting projects, plus this weird little segment where a bartender designs a drink related to a historical event. So fun!

    I loved listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast, but the logistics seem like they’d be crazy with the time zone change from Joy moving, and Cooper growing up and having more activities, etc.

  • Abbey

    I have been so into podcasts recently and always looking for new ones, so this is a great list! I also watched the minimalists documentary since I was looking for room cleaning inspiration and it was the perfect motivation. A quick question- are the old joy the baker podcast episodes still out there and available to listen to? I love your blog and joy the baker’s, so I would be so excited to listen, but when I looked on iTunes/online I wasn’t able to find/play any of them. Maybe I’m just extra tech challenged today. Anyways, thanks!

    • Rachel

      YES! Ugh. Want to listen to my old favorites (yah know, the ones that just fit a certain mood) but can’t access them.

    • Tracy

      Not sure where they are, but I’ll look into that!

  • Marty

    The 1st podcast I ever listened to was Joy the baker. I listened to it when I walked and really walked longer to be able to finish. I loved it. Please, Please come back!
    Thanks for the other suggestions.

  • Katie

    I love this list!! And while we’re on the topic of podcasts … I miss JTB podcast!!

    Also, a question!

    I was wondering why the old episodes don’t seem to exist any more on the internet.

    I LOOOVEEED listening to reruns and am really sad I can’t access any of the old ones! I Have 5 episodes that I saved to my computer ages ago … and I’ve basically memorized them because I’ve listened to them so many times 🙂

    I would love to have the old episodes to listen to, so if there’s any way to access them that would be magical!


    • Tracy

      I have no clue where they are. I wasn’t in charge of the technical side of homefries/podcasting so it’s all Greek to me. When we have it all up and running again, I’m sure we will figure it out. Thanks, Katie!!!

  • Chelsea

    Oh my good gracious, UYD for life! I discovered Uhh Yeah Dude through the Joy the Baker Podcast and have been in love ever since.

    You mentioned so many good ones! I also love WTF with Marc Maron, On Being with Krista Tippett, TED Radio Hour, and More Perfect (amazing RadioLab spin-off).

    Also, I just want to throw this in because I never comment, your blog brings so much brightness to my week. You inspire me. Thank you!

    • Tracy

      I am definitely going to check out More Perfect. Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for your sweet words!

  • Meredith

    I am SO happy to hear that you and Joy may bring back your podcast. I like to listen to old episodes on repeat while I travel for work. It makes me feel like I’m with friends!

  • Morgan Feist

    I have the UTMOST amount of gratitude for Joy The Baker podcast. Not only did it spur my love of podcasts, but I leaned on it HARD during lonely times (moving to a new city, breakups, etc). It never ever failed to lift my spirits and remind me that there is nothing more important than taking the time to really be present for our friends & loved ones. Plus, it was bonkers, maj, totes hilarious! I still read every word you two write and cherish your blogs so much–but the two of you together is magic! <3

  • Kari

    I love the History Chicks and The Bowery Boys. Both focus a bit on history: recent and far back.

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing what inspires you and helps you get the day-to-day accomplished! JTB and Shutts was always my go to while working on Calc/difficult subjects when I was 22. My then boyfriend, now husband, got hooked on your podcast because I would play it while cooking (now 27) 🙂 He’s now a fan of both of you! Can’t wait to listen (no matter how long it takes!)

  • Allison

    The longest shortest time. Death sex and money. Double x gabfest. And only human.

  • ashleyj

    Hi Tracy, I’ve been listening to Making Oprah & I really think you would like it! I also enjoy Call your Girlfriend, Another Round, The Sporkful, and Death Sex & Money. Thanks for sharing your faves!

  • Ida

    I listened to the FiveThirtyEight political podcast religiously prior to the election but I had to take a break….afterward. Just….can’t. Right now on my rotation is Found (centered around found objects), Heavyweight (which is a newer one), Radiolab, Freakonomics, This American Life, and The Moth. I really loved More Perfect (by Radiolab) and Revisionist History and can’t wait for the next “season” of those. Both of them opened my eyes to topics that I just didn’t have on my radar. Both totally worth binging.

    I tend to go for storytelling or journalistic over conversational, back-and-forth type podcasts. Bonus if they are 40 minutes or less, which is about the time of my commute home.

    I have had my eye on Invisibilia but I haven’t checked it out yet. I do want to start on Sword and Scale as well. So many podcasts, not enough time! Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Paula

    My top podcast picks are:

    The Popcast – Knox and Jamie crack me up as every week they discuss a new topic in pop culture. They are beyond awesome and their witty banter is what I look forward to listening to every Wednesday when a new episode comes up.

    Happier with Gretchen Rubin – I love this podcast. Gretchen and her sister discuss happiness stumbling blocks and tips to be happier every week on their show. Plus they give great advice for developing good habits.

    Around the Table Podcast – Jaycee and Maggie are lovely to listen to as they dish on everything from capsule wardrobes, good nutrition to handling awkward situations with grace and style.

    P.S. You do not need to listen to the second season of Serial. It seriously is not worth it so don’t feel bad if you don’t get through it.

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    I’m obsessed with How I Built This, Girlboss Radio and Making Oprah. So good!

  • Denise

    Have you tried Freakonomics? I LOVE it! Also, I didn’t like the first 2 episodes of Serial S2 either, but got hooked at the 3rd-not a fan of his tactics but it was an interesting story. Worth another try.

  • Ronda

    If you liked the first season of Serial, you’ll enjoy Undisclosed. In the second season Jon Cryer hosts their rehash of the past weeks info. I also like the Broad Experience, Start up, and Side Hustle School. Crimetown is fabulous when I’m in the mood to whisper WTH over and over again.

  • Cameron

    I’m really enjoying ‘How I Built This’. It’s been fascinating!

  • Kate Mai

    Hey Tracy! I love podcasts and am always asking my friends what they listen to. I loved yours with Joy and hope to hear more of your voices in the future. I also love the NYT Book Review, The Splendid Table, America’s Test Kitchen, Gravy, All The Books, Lena Dunham’s Women Of The Hour, and On Being.

  • Chelsey

    My current favorites (definitely show that I’m a nerdy English teacher):

    What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel
    All the Books
    Gilmore Guys

    I think you would dig What Should I Read Next, and you’d be a great guest for the show! Anne has guests tell her three books they love, one book they hate, and what they’re reading lately. She gives three recommendations for what to read next. There’s also lots of personality type talk and therapy-style book conversations. I always walk away with another book on my TBR list and inspiration for making time to read every day!

  • jill

    Hi -I love The Big Listen. It’s a podcast about podcasts! The presenter Lauren Ober is great.

  • laura

    I cannot believe no one mentioned Hidden Brain! You’d love it if you like podcasts about science and how the brain works in different ways!
    The JTB podcast is also what got me into podcast listening and its been a lifesaver for my independent boring bookkeeping job. Thanks for the post so I can check out more interesting podcasts from you and the comments!

  • Caitlin

    I miss your podcast with Joy! Anytime you want to come back, come on! I think it’s easier to get podcast advertisers these days too if you’re open to that. Some of my faves: 99 percent invisible (I think you might like that one), totally married, totally beverages and sometimes hot sauce, spilled milk, the splendid table, ask me another, reply all, startup.

  • Jordan

    Add me to the list! UYD4LIFE and seatbelts forever, but I do miss the Joy The Baker Podcast so mucb! If you gals started recording again it would be music to my ear balls.

  • Erinlucy

    I’m a big time podcast addict. I love a lot of the ones you listed plus: on the media; freakonomics; terrible, thanks for asking and one I think you might like – mortified.

  • Amy

    Thanks for the list! I love Embedded!

  • Lori

    I love The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey! Also, while I listened to the entire 2nd season of Serial, I’d vote you don’t worry about finishing it. I felt like you did, and unfortunately the first season was just way better, in my opinion.

    I sure miss your podvast. It was one of the first I ever listened to.

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting some new podcasts!

  • Reannon

    I love The Slow Home podcast. Its one of only 2 podcasts I’ve gone back to listen to everything.
    Spilled Milk. HILARIOUS!!
    Wilosophy. Great interviews.

  • Judith

    Ah I miss the Joy The Baker podcast! It was so fun to hear two of my favorite bloggers talk together… made me feel like I was sitting with you over coffee!

    Have you checked out Hacking Hunger by World Food Program USA (https://www.wfpusa.org/articles/hacking-hunger-episode-16-how-we-got-to-season-2/) They do a bunch of interesting stories – from beekeepers in Syria to the miracles of moringa – this podcast explores the intersection of food, culture and conflict. It’s a great listen and really gets you thinking about food in a new way!

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for all he recommendations!
    the JTB podcast is highly missed. You two really gave me something anxiously await (in a good way). Hopefully you can figure out a way to come back!

  • Iris

    The nerdist is one of my favorites I find it hilarious. I can’t wait to try the others you’ve recommended. I just have to find the time

  • david

    Revisionist History was/is not to be missed, especially the first episode and the 4th, 5th, and 6th ones (there are only ten). Can’t wait for that to come back.

    I’d like to add two that I didn’t see: I’ll Drink to That, talking wine with Levi Dalton which is like a world tour of wine present and past. And, Michael Ian Black’s How to be Amazing, more celebrity interviews and I was surprised how good it is. Oh and the Longform podcast which takes a deep dive into the world of longform journalism, I listen to that one as often as it comes out.

    And did no one mention Fresh Air? Is that possible? Terry Gross is the bedrock that most interview based podcasts are founded on.

    Thanks for your list, I look forward to checking them out. I am jealous to hear all this praise for the Joy the Baker podcast knowing that it isn’t available to listen to now.

  • Katie

    I saw another mention of Freakonomics on here and I second that! Fresh Air is also a good one. I’ve been listening to the NPR Politics podcast a lot recently to keep up with everything going on.

    I’m definitely going to check out The Minimalists next! And of course would love to see the Joy the Baker podcast again – it was always a highlight of my week.

  • Alexandria

    Oh my gosh thank you for mentioning the JTB podcast. My sister and I talk ALL the time about how much we miss it. The ShePod is a cute one to try sometime. We will keep an eye out for whatever you and Joy decide to do next!!

  • Molly

    I do miss the Joy the Baker podcast! I also faintly remember you ladies hosting a retreat….any talk of another one of these in the future? 🙂

  • Terri

    I miss your podcast with Joy! It used to keep me company when I cleaned or rode the bus. Have you tried “The Pen Addict” podcast? I just started it and it’s all about geeking out on pens! Also, “Judge John Hodgeman” is hilarious! Thanks for sharing and adding to my podcast list!

  • Karen

    Up & Vanished hooked me on podcasts & ive since hooked many friends. If you liked Season 1 of Serial, listen to Undisclosed. They go into more depth on Adnan. It’s great. Thanks for the list!

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  • Alice

    I love Moth radio hour for random good stories. And i’m into making sense of this crazy moment & listen to Stay Tuned with Preet. Great timely interviews. I absolutely loved the storytelling of the Bag Man (Rachel Maddow). And Into The Wilderness with Jon Favreau-a look at progressive politics & America. Also adored tge entite Harry Potter series with Jim Dale doing every voice. Brilliant & captivating.

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