My Everyday Life: Week 34

Here’s what this past week looked like:

We finally got around to hanging up our outdoor string lights. Only took us all summer 😉

My Everyday Life: Week 33

My nieces drew on our driveway. So cute.

My Everyday Life: Week 33


I came home to this cute boy after my Food Photography class today.


My Everyday Life: Week 33


Speaking of Food Photography, I showed how to edit photos. Here’s the before:

My Everyday Life: Week 33


Here’s the AFTER. I love a good transformation.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I had 14 people spend the night a week ago. I think I am finally recovered.

I might have maintained a buzz for 24 hours.  #howicope

My Everyday Life: Week 33

His & hers.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I have an irrational fear of falling down stairs and breaking my teeth.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Cleaning up chalk.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Cooper took this photo of his Lego helmets.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Snack time at Camp Shutterbean.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Breakfast tacos!! For the sake of the blog, they were lunch tacos!

My Everyday Life: Week 33

A new drinking glass. Thanks, maj!

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Mint Iced Tea. I normally don’t shoot things at noon, but the light was too pretty to pass up.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I wanted to hop into this bed at Anthropologie. I might have been the books that seduced me..

My Everyday Life: Week 33

The best part of Breaking Bad this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I love seeing little kids around birthday cakes. My niece Eleanor is already claiming the frosting…

My Everyday Life: Week 33

This cake happened to be mine! Casey got me a coconut pineapple cake for my birthday.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Birthday Lillet.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

This is what 34 year old Tracy looks like.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Objects in shadows are bigger than they appear.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I’ve been collecting feathers this summer. I find them on my walks. Turkey feathers are the prettiest.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Happy hour…turned dinner.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

That face!

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I know his face can’t be seen, but I was sitting on the couch watching him pour his own drink and I thought…DANG MY KID IS HUGE. He’s gotten so tall since the beginning of summer. Also. POURING HIS OWN DRINK.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

After hosting a family get together, I took all of our laundry to the laundromat (even though we have a washer & dryer at home).  I did 8 loads of laundry in a little over an hour. WHEW!

My Everyday Life: Week 33

This week I had dinner with Billy from Wit & Vinegar. He’s got the sparkle. He’s the one who sang Mariah on the podcast 😉

We found ourselves in some rando grocery store. Don’t ask.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

Our dining room is currently going through a transformation! We’ve lived in this house for a year now and our furniture doesn’t really fit the style & architecture here. We have to start from scratch with a lot of our decorating…but that costs money.  So we’ve lived in the space with our old furniture and haven’t made any real purchases as far as furniture goes. We really want to be smart about our decisions as this house will most likely be the place where we stay the longest, but after a year of searching we finally found the dining room table we were looking for (YAY!!!). But because we are going for a more industrial modern look, we have to say goodbye to our old awesome chairs that I scored 6 years ago.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

It makes me really sad…because I loved them. But we also couldn’t afford to get them reupholstered and structurally reinforced, so we lived with them being that faded green color.

My Everyday Life: Week 33

This is the new table. It seats 10-12 and makes me SUPER excited to entertain now. I really wanted a “farm table.”

My Everyday Life: Week 33

I moved the zebra rug into our family room for the time being. I snapped a photo with my phone (hence the grain) but I really like how it transformed the room. I’m a sucker for bold graphics, and black & white. But I guess you already knew that.

My Everyday Life: Week 33


It feels good to make this home feel more like our home, one step at a time.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  • Tami-TeacherGoesBackToSchool

    hope you had the happiest birthday!

    love the lights pic. so pretty.

    your solid buzz face is brilliant.

    i’ve got a fear of knocking out my two front teeth. i can’t imagine anything worse. yikes!

    the old chairs are awesome. the new table is stunning. and i LOVE that rug where it is now. your house is inspiring!

  • Amanda Barkey

    I am obsessed with that table and the chairs look perfect with it… It looks amazing Tracy! Great choice! Also, that pic of Coop on the bike- so sweet 🙂

  • Billy


  • jenny

    1. I have the same irrational fear re: stairs. 2. That wall of books…SWOON. 3. Cooper’s photo! 4. Love the new table 5. Happy Birthday!

  • Alli

    This post makes me miss you! Maybe Charlie and I will sneak down for a weekend sometime soon. XOXO

  • Evelyn

    Love the wonderful photos! Look forward to them every week. Cooper is beyond adorable and you always inspire me with your “food photos”
    (encourages me to try new menus for the family) and don’t get me started on your “drinks photos” I’m scurrying off to the kitchen to make a new cocktail…:O

  • Karin - The F Girl

    Great shots. And belated happy birthday! You looked very sparkly and happy in that shot.

    Love your house by the way.

    Have a great Sunday!

  • Nicola

    Happy birthday lady! Your skin looks great, I hope mine maintains its elasticity as well as yours is doing! Water, got to drink so much water….

    PS I fell over as a kid on uneven paving stones, my front teeth went straight through my bottom lip, I chipped a tooth and had an unwanted hole in my face that spit drooled out of. So I understand your stair fear! (The hole closed up the same day, but still, ew!)

  • Jackie H

    A few random thoughts:

    I’m happy that you’re posting about your 34th birthday during Every Day Life week 34.

    I am also a # person and I also happen to be 34….for a few more weeks anyway!

    To show the extend of my being a # person, my husband and I got married 12/11/10. We’re geeks that way.

    Your feather collecting reminds me of the book And the Mountains Echoed by Kaleed Hosseini. Have you read him at all? He’s written three books. Start with the Kite Runner. He’s amazing – yes it was a movie first, but the book was better.

  • epoxy

    Happy Birthday !
    Aaah finally someone acknowledges the fear of falling down steps and landing on your teeth !
    I love your living room by the way, especially the seating area at the wall. Great job with the new chairs, they go great with the farmhouse table and now I want one too.

  • Dale

    Oh Tracy I love those old dining room chairs! a little paint and new fabric and they would be killer! Reupholstering them probably would not be as hard as you think – i just painted and reupholstered two sad looking dining chairs my dad had in his “junk” pile – if I can do it you can – I can barely wrap a gift properly 🙂 Love the table as well.

  • Kris

    Tracy, I LOVE the table! It’s exactly what I want also. But really I’m writing to tell you that I have the same irrational fear of falling down stairs and breaking my teeth. The long, cement stairs kill me!

  • Rikki

    I have an irrational fear of biting my tongue off. I think of all the situations it could happen: tripping, car accident, slipping in the bathtub. That probably explains why I always have my teeth clenched…

    • Tracy

      Oh! Wow, that would be TERRIBLE if that happened! No I too have that fear…

  • Laura

    I’ve just started reading your blog after being a follower of you on Instagram.
    I have the same fear of falling downstairs – though last week it was my little boy (not so little really, he’s 7) who fell down our stairs, top to bottom & they’re so steep 🙁 the week before he banged his teeth on hard wood flooring…ouch!! I was told it’s clumsiness due to a growth spurt. What would ours be classed as if we did that.
    Your Birthday Lillet looked amazing & refreshing! I hope you had a lovely birthday.
    Oh & can I say Cooper is just the cutest!
    At the risk of turning into one of those stalker followers (if I have already I apologise) but I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram – LauraJGray30 :0)

  • Erin @ The Speckled Palate

    Oh, girl. I have an irrational fear of falling down the stairs, too.

    Also, your week sounds pretty much amazing, and your home is gorgeous! Happy belated birthday!

  • Heidi

    And 34-year old Tracy looks Amazing!
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
    Oh, and I love, love, looove your new dining table! Great choice!

  • Ronni

    A great series of photos and commentary this week! Thanks for sharing, Tracy.

  • Emily

    I actually really like the picture Cooper took-neat! I also love the pic with the pretzels and oranges and how it almost looks like Cooper is popping out of the salad bowl. So jealous of the gorgeous dining room table as well-it’s lovely. Happy birthday Tracy!

  • Julia

    I ordered a fitbit. 10,000 steps here I come! Oh boy…I’m sure the device is gonna call me a sloth. How’s your walking going?

    • Tracy

      YAY!!! You’re gonna love it. I try to make it to 10k everyday. Some days I over-achieve and feel like a rockstar. Congrats!

  • Ann

    Looks like you had a lovely week. I am still in love with your mirror curtains and have tried to find them on the net with no luck.

  • Ellen

    Happy birthday!
    Also, I think your son has a future in photography:)

  • Hilary

    Adore your hair, girl!

  • mariah

    dining room chairs = sad face

  • Kasey

    Birthday week looks like it was awesome! You look amazing. Also, I LOVE your new dining room chairs. xoxoo

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    We just bought a house and my husband is convinced with need an animal print rug. i am definitely showing him this one. It is far and wide better than all the crazy ones he has found.

  • Jamie

    Those chairs would be hard to give up. LOVE Cooper’s lego helmets (has he checked out Lego A Day? Check the archives for 2 full years of photos), and also love that your books are in rainbow order. = )

  • Jordan

    Hey Tracy! Thanks for the class on Saturday. The editing part was really helpful (as well as the rest!). Now I get to see the new table you were talking about…its awesome. thanks again! 🙂

  • Muriel

    You are not alone Tracy, my boyfriend and I totally share your fear of falling down and breaking our teeth!

  • Dede Bruington

    Love, love, love your weekly photos Tracy! Maybe you shouldn’t feel so bad about saying goodbye to your dining room chairs cuz I just realized Kris Kardashian has them in her dining room ;D

    The new table and chairs are AWESOME btw <3

  • fusilliamy

    I feel like giving you a high-five after this set of pics. Seems like a big week 🙂 I’m also thinking about how satisfying it would be to get all my laundry done at once. And shhhh, don’t tell anyone about the shadows – my legs really ARE that long! 😉

  • Christina

    Man I feel ya on the perma-buzz with 14 people over. It’s how I get through my birthday+Christmas. Also, I really like your highlights. I’ve got a pixie too and have been thinking about adding in a little color. Inspiration!

  • Dede Bruington

    oops! The chairs are in Courtney and Scott’s dining room, my bad. Hope you’re having fun with Oprah and I have dreams all the time about my teeth breaking, CRAZY!

  • Joyce Au

    Hi Tracy!

    I love how you decorated your living room and basically every part of your house that you’ve shown here on your blog 🙂
    I just wanted to tell you that I really love your food blog and also the podcast that you have with Joy!

    You totes still look like you’re in your mid 20’s!

    Lots of love from Hong Kong!

  • Sarah @ The Cyclist's Wife

    Can you link us your new chairs and table. Loving. Looks great.

  • Sarah @ The Cyclist's Wife

    Oops. There was supposed to be a ? in there. 🙂

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Do you think those books would get super dusty? I hate dusting but love books (& LOVE that idea). Dilemma. Also, I read that as “camp time at snack shutterbean”, which i think would also work. Happy birthday, lady! 34 looks great on you.
    Heidi xo

  • Nicole

    This week’s photos are wonderful! So much beauty by focusing on the little moments. (Love the “His & hers” breakfast photo.) Happy birthday, and can’t wait to see more fabulous redecorating shots!

  • carolyn!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! you look amazing at 34. also, i LOve love LOVE the table, will you show more photos? Where did you get it from?

  • jenn

    please tell me where your couches are from! i have a grey velvet couch right now from west elm, which is gorgeous in theory, but it’s too small (the bigger ones were too expensive.. THAT should have been a lesson) and the cushions have gotten mushy. i LOVE yours!!

  • Iquo

    Love your pictures! It’s funny I have this fear I’m gonna fall down the stairs and break my teeth too. I get super scared when I’m on an escalator. I never walk down the escalator, I just let it take me down cuz if I fall I know that’s gonna be a majority of my teeth! LOL!

  • Elana

    I have an irrational fear of falling down stairs and breaking my ankles. Also one involving shower heads flying off and giving me a concussion. But mainly this post makes me want TACOS!!!!!!!

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