January 6, 2017

I love lists

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  1. Vegan recipes for people who aren’t vegan.
  2. I would definitely like to try these cookies.
  3. Think Days or as I like to call it, Mental Health Day
  4. Sniff sniff.
  5. The Best Restaurants in America are:
  6. Being sensitive can be hard.
  7. This song is supposed to reduce anxiety by 65% (I have it on repeat)
  8. I got Bart Simpson….
  9. This show is going to be so good.
  10. Can’t wait to make this recipe in my Instant Pot.
  11. Some ways to be happier in 2017.
  12. I think about this all the time.
  13. Best TED Talks of 2016
  14. Stranger Things is coming back! Here’s what’s up. (semi-spoilers?)
  15. I’d cozy up to a bowl of this soup in an instant.
  16. Some useful bullet journal tips.
  17. Stop setting goals you don’t actually care about.
  18. Puberty changes a lot of things.
  19. The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking
  20. Work Hard/ Rest Hard
  21. This is so funny.
  22. The Need to Read– loved this!
  23. What’s behind our fear of change?
  24. Gonna bring this kale & coconut rice dish back into the mix next week!

have a great weekend!


  • Kate

    I’ve had to unsubscribe from the Bujo group I was part of on Facebook because the gorgeous photos people posted of their journals was too intimidating. The most artistic I get is some washi tape and colored pens, and I’m just fine with that!

    • Shawna

      Same! And all the Instragram accounts.

    • Tracy

      A lot of times, I think WHOA THAT MUST HAVE TAKEN A LOT OF TIME. I don’t see it as an expectation to live up to, I just use it as inspiration and find my own way through. I’ve learned that you have to find whatever about it that works for YOU. Some people love to explore their creativity through it and for others, it’s about getting stuff done!

  • Jenny

    Your header quote this week is amazeballs! With the new year and all the new intentions, I like this call to shake it up!

  • Erinlucy

    I think about pre internet life all the time. Especially as a mature aged student, I can remember the time studying at university before everything was online. When you actually had to go to lectures and learn how to find stuff in the library. It’s so much easier these days. Ps. I’m Tina belcher

    • Tracy

      So, people don’t have to sit through LECTURES??!?!!!


      • Erinlucy

        I watch every single lecture online. It’s amazing. You can pause, rewind and speed up the slow talkers to get them done in half the time!

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