May 4, 2018



  1. I’ve been wanting to take my mailbox to the next level for years now!
  2. Diet Vodka is gonna be a thing soon.
  3. note to self: The Best Beaches in San Francisco
  4. Maybe you should just ask yourself these questions?
  5. Hello, my worst nightmare. 
  6. I feel like my mom would have loved this.
  7. Everyone flooded the internet this week with their first headshots.
  8. Where I want to put all my energy into right now
  9. Detach your ego from social media
  10. Your diet has to be constantly evolving as you get older.
  11. I’ve always been curious about prison food.
  12. This is ASMR for my eyeballs.   This too.
  13. The whole foods/Amazon thing is so fascinating
  14. Harmony- what it means!
  15. Color psychology intrigues me
  16. The internet is designed for corporations.
  17. All of this is so insanely beautiful.
  18. How to Help a Grieving Friend
  19. You’re the One That I Want
  20. Senior life is a good life.

Friday Night Lights! We’re re-watching it this week.

This scoop neck shirt in Tall. It’s so good for us long torso gals.

Peanut Butter Banana Bites I get at Thrive Market (here’s 25% off your first order)

Kai Shampoo & Conditioner. It smells amazing!!!



  • Melissa

    That Vice aritcle is about a Danish prison. My dad has been incarcerated for 14 years for a non violent drug offense and he is malnurished to the point of hair loss among. Mass incarceration in America is a human crisis of unprecedented scale. He hasn’t had a fresh fruit or vegetable in 3 years.

  • nganpham


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