My Everyday Life: Week 33

Here’s what this past week looked like in ITALY! My Everyday Life Week 33

Finding myself in Italian windows.

Starting the day off right. I miss this so much.

Cooper put “have my own coffee” on his Summer Bucket List and he did!

The cutest mailbox.

I think I am going to do a separate post about Italian graffiti.

Particularly fond of this one since she’s on my necklace!

Plants on windowsills make me happy. 

Hanging laundry makes me swoon. Life is so simple sometimes. 

I tried to take this for you, Amanda but all I got was my reflection.

The hair and the writing!

I regret not having pasta at every meal. 

One of my favorite gelato flavors was WAFER.



I worked hard at writing down what we ate in my food journal. 

Next time I want to stay a few days in the Tuscan hills. It was pretty magical. 


My boo.

Checking out the markets. 


One of my favorite meals of the trip!

Getting ready for our feast. 

Have a seat!


Cooper had beef tartar for the first time and loved it.

Worth the heat!

I’m still thinking about the beans…


Chianti “butter”


I got a tight squeeze from a legend.  I’ll share more about where we ate in a seperate post!

Night time cocktails when the air wasn’t too thick.

Cheese tasting /tour / lunch!

In the Tuscan Hills!

A salad that I keep thinking about.

Allllll the cheese! We even made some while we were there.

Followed by a (birthday!) dinner made for us at the home we were staying!

Where we hung out as a family.

Looking up.

So many cool places were closed for vacation.

I had more white wine than red on this trip. 

I love how they have you dress your own salad in Italy. They leave balsamic vinegar and olive oil at the table. What I loved even more than that? My sis dressed the salads and they were always perfect.

I thik about this one a lot. 

How do you say tooth fairy in Italian?  Cooper lost one on the road!

Florence having an exceptional cloud day. We stayed in the building with the red awnings the last time we were there. 

Shopping for a belt for my niece.

Seeing the smiles on his face during the trip made me happy.

I loved hearing him say grazie. 

Up above the city.

My niece enjoyed fancy cocktails.

The hand caught my eye.

The pink of the building with the green shutters.

He had his own pizza most of the time. 

Made me smile. 

We took the kids to see David. My Mom would have been happy about that.  It’s way more crowded now than it was the last time I went. 

He’s giant.

I could hear my Mom’s giggles in my head.

Her wings.

The flower and hands. 

The sun in the background. 

One of my favorite combos. Strawberry, mandarin and yogurt. 



I wish we saw this earlier in the trip. OBESSED. 

On a walk to get a kebab with my Dad. 

I made him stop because the sunset was so pretty!

Breakfast with my boys. 

I really enjoyed the Mercato Centrale. 

Coloring at the table. 

Looking for coffee. 

These colors caught my eye. 

It rained for a bit. It made the clouds so pretty.

I hope my hair is like his when I get older. 

Off on an introvert adventure.

I walked down an alley that gave me life.

We stumbled upon a photobooth. 


The best memory makers. 

Favorite part of the trip was walking through Boboli Gardens with my boys. 

They brought their baseball gloves and played catch. 

An older Italian man watched and smiled. It’s such a delight to see a father and son play together. 


He ran through the gardens. He has such a sense adventure and I love that about him.

In my happy place.

I loved all the statues throughout.

The was one of my favorites.

I took over 1500 photos on the trip.  There are so many to sort through!!!!


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  • Laura

    I love these photos from your trip! It looks like you had an amazing time! You find such beauty in everything! Topolino, a little mouse, is the tooth fairy in Italy!

  • Christine

    What a lovely trip with your family! Your photography is always amazing..
    BTW – Wishing you a very delightful birthday, Tracy

  • Lindsey

    What a magical week with family. I love every photo you took and I hope to one day visit Europe, so much history & good food to eat! Wishing you a happy birthday Tracy!

  • Bonnie

    Beautiful! ️♥️Thanks for sharing!

  • AshleyJ

    Did you get the stabilo pen roll up while you were there? I love those pens! Looks like a great trip. Makes me miss studying art history!

  • Kaye

    Thank you for sharing your Italy photos! Absolutely gorgeous!

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  • CKG

    GAAH you’ve given me the most delightful flashbacks to my honeymoon… so much beautiful detail, delicious food, and places to wander aimlessly and happily.

    Hope your birthday was fabulous!! xo

  • Kristen

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing your life and travels with us. I’d love to read more about your thoughts on the trip. The time with family – being away – really anything… I find your words and life wisdom to be soothing and real and relatable. Your medium of art and photos are exquisite…and your story telling too. Thank you for all that you share.

  • Jamie

    Please share details about that breakfast!!!

  • Chuck

    That building with the ivy looks like it has a beard.

  • Erin

    So glad you had an amazing trip! Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo who also turned 40 this month! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  • Mari

    can I just say…wow.

    Cooper with his pizza was my fav. Man, has he ever grown up. TALLLLLLLLLLLL so cute. what grade will he be this fall?

    And your Dad got to go….so nice. He looked happy in every photo….loved the little pic we got of your hubby in the photo booth. 🙂

    Im jelly. No vacay this year. M.

  • Emily

    I can’t believe Cooper got his own coffee — such a grown up! Looks like you all had a lovely trip; very glad you got to go. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!

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