February 4, 2022


Unclench Your Jaw - I love lists / Tracy Benjamin


  1. New Trader Joe’s snack reviews! 
  2. Parenting teens advice I needed to hear. 
  3. Some ways to put your old coffee grounds to good use. 
  4. The history and evolution of the “last meal.”
  5. Let’s space out and watch how dried packaged pasta is made. 
  6. Why IKEA makes you assemble your own furniture. 
  7. What can make a good boss turn bad? 
  8. I wonder what features Airstream will have by the time I retire. 
  9. Basic /useful safety tips. 
  10. Mesmerizing flight trails of birds. 
  11. Wind sculptures are fascinating! 
  12. This underwater restaurant must be so cool in person. 
  13. I can’t believe we put a chimp in space in 1961. 
  14. My grandpa used this coffee maker and I am forever fascinated by it.
  15. Clear sticky notes? What a time to be alive! 
  16. Doodles enhanced by shadows. 
  17. There’s flaming hot everything now (and my child loves it!).
  18. Pantry organizing tips from professional organizers. 
  19. Are these overalls? They look super comfy! 
  20. I’d love to live in a ranch house one day. Stairs are annoying.
  21. Weekend reading: On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous
  • Jamie

    OMG I can go at lunch and get translucent sticky notes and my day is MADE. Made, I tell you. = )

  • Caitlyn

    Have you tried the Flaming Kraft Mac and Cheese yet? I recently noticed it at Target and picked up a box. Haven’t tried it yet though.

    Also I totally need some translucent sticky notes! Those look amazing!

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