My Everyday Life: Week 6

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 6

My safe place is here. 

Library adventure.

Beautiful morning light.

A corner of my house that makes me smile.

Huggy toe beans.

Waffles are his favorite. He makes them on his own now. 

Next step? Teach him to clean up after himself! 

My go-to outfit this time of year.  My leopard shoes are my favorite. 

I’m the one who orders broccolini in a sports bar..

Funnel cake fries….

Hello, sunshine & spirits.


Art practice.

I went on a labeling spree.

Leftovers for breakfast.

We have so many sports right now that family dinners are all mixed up.

Chipotle is fast & it’s  his favorite.

Guac is always extra but so am I.


My brother & sis came to Marin for a visit. We had lunch.

Listening to  my friend Sam in conversation with Laura McKowen at her book signing for her book- We Are the Luckiest

I went with my friend Neiley and we went out to dinner before!

Visit with Angela & Oscar.

Having breakfast with Casey in the mornings makes me happy.


My plant is blooming.

Our cat box is getting used a lot!

We spend time after school playing with cats.

Being in the car at the car wash reminds me of being a kid.

Thrifting. That mug!

It was sunny and COLD this week.

Simple magic.

Working lettering Save the Date Cards for a client in the library while I wait for Cooper’s practice to be over.

Still working in my food journal!! I AM ON A STREAK!

That was a good dinner.

Working in my zen garden.

Cat bowl!

Working out!

Family dinner of skirt steak, cucumber avocado salad & rice.

Writing personalized messages for customers. This one made me smile.

A lovely morning for a mammogram. Don’t forget to get one if you need one!

Boop that snoot.

Super bowl party! Included pigs in blankets.

And a puppy!

Snuggy huggy.

We are training him with a squirt bottle filled with water.  Here’s how I decorated it.

Mother & Son



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  • Nathalie

    “Guac is always extra but so am I.” NEW LIFE MOTTO

  • Kari Wagner Hoban

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE!! Not sure what this is and that is a huge compliment but sometimes writers get insulted by being called a blogger. I am a blogger, so I can say that with clarity.

    I have that Garfield mug from my childhood.
    You and I have the same legs. I swear TO GOD,
    My 12 year old loves Chipotle more than anything in this world. Well, besides animals.

    I am so glad I found you. You are making my winter so much better.

  • Corrie

    I have a set of those Garfield mugs from my grandmother! I have memories of them from childhood – she drank black coffee all day, every day into her nineties. I think of her every time I use them. She would have laughed that I picked the Garfield mugs, out her large china collection, to keep.

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