April 15, 2022


Whose rollercoaster are you on?- I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com



  1. How to make hard-boiled eggs. 
  2. Another person living in their childhood home! 
  3. Time travel to the Miss America protest in 1968.
  4. Pictures of people selling mirrors. lol
  5. On this episode of design fails…
  6. How do Roman aqueducts work?
  7. Oversized sunglasses: one/ tortoiseshell/ red/ orange
  8. Mushrooms have their own language. Curious!
  9. I haven’t had Pizza Rustica since I was a kid.
  10. America’s best botanical gardens.
  11. Making a mechanical whale.
  12. I am definitely an introvert with my food choices. 
  13. This renovated school bus is amazing.
  14. Kids are more connected than adults. I got chills! 
  15. There’s a special place in my heart for old church cookbooks.
  16. Some Trader Joe’s things I need to sample.
  17. This is my favorite liquid eyeliner and mascara.
  18. A bunch of really good solutions/ideas.
  19. Colorized footage of market st. in SF before the 1906 earthquake.
  20. I had no idea Cheetos are banned in Germany.
  21. The economics of AriZona Iced Tea
  22. A bunch of my favorite brunch ideas if you need Easter inspo.


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  • Jeanne

    Tracy, that’s a really great comment about the rollercoaster. I’m going to reference that with my teens if they get caught up in other’s chaos. Thanks

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