October 7, 2022


I love lists - Have Faith in Your Ability


  1. People of Walmart.   The best people-watching. 
  2. In-and-Out packaging as easter eggs. 
  3. Are you keeping up with your dryer maintenance? 
  4. Look, someone did a canned tuna taste test. 
  5. Frozen waffles,  ranked. 
  6. Burning Man, now with more detail. 
  7. Look at this doodle house. 
  8. Time travel with Victorian kids and their animals. 
  9. The creepiest place to visit in each state. 
  10. A reminder of how much world there is out there. 
  11. I want to go away. 
  12. This watercolor kit is cute. 
  13. Buy it for life examples. 
  14. I really like deconstructed kitchens. 
  15. A message for now from 1996. 
  16. Look what happens when a pregnant mom eats kale.
  17. The ocean is a whole other world. 
  18. Another episode of funny designs. 
  19. Halloween costumes for teachers. 
  20. Putting turmeric lattes back into the mix. 

My Everyday Life Week 39 of 2022- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


My flower coloring book coming SOON to the shop! I just need to get my shipping stuff together and we’re good to go. 

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  • janet

    Now I need to make a stop at In & Out! Fascinating items in the list – I’ve been to 2 of the creepy places – and would never even stop at someplace called the Clown Motel

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