November 11, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean


Welcome to I love Lists. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the web together:

  1. Really makes you think. I should put my own playlist together.
  2. So excited for this coloring book! Love seeing the process.
  3. Some photo assignments if you’re looking to shake things up.
  4. I loved reading this perspective of a wedding photographer
  5. Currently craving this salad.
  6. How do people make things like this?? My big fingers can’t do things that precise.
  7. I was curious why Hillary was wearing purple too.
  8. Something to use for holiday get togethers- a big board for cheese plates!
  9. Confession: I suck at making pancakes
  10. Food related ballot results.
  11. I’ve been stress eating frozen fruit this week. I guess things could be worse.
  12. If you need a pick-me-up.
  13. Bad signs never get old.
  14. This is beautiful.
  15. These paintings make me hold my breath.
  16. New favorite etsy shop. Wow. her work stops me.
  17. Some books to sink your teeth into.
  18. Doughnut ATMS. HELLO 2016.
  19. I am not sure why, but this creeps me out.
  20. I love leftover hacks. Look what you can do with Indian food!
  21. Our world is beautiful. Let’s not mess it up.
  22. Thank you ladies, thank you.
  • Jane M

    FYI the Vanity Fair article you posted, the 1st Tweet is from my daughter! She’s a young journalist who is getting married 3 weeks from tomorrow! Yippee!

  • Shawna

    Have you been to SweetGreen in Berkeley yet? They have this salad with roasted chickpeas, curried cauliflower, cilantro, raisins, red chili, tahini dressing and it is just perfect. Like if this salad was a man you’d want to marry it and live happily ever after. THAT perfect!

    You should try the pancake recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Foolproof! My husband makes them every weekend for the kids and then when I make pancakes during the week, they always say “These aren’t as good as daddy’s”. Kids are jerks! LOL

  • The Wooden Spoon

    I love, love, love your lists! Thanks for the buzzfeed link- so needed right now.

  • Ash

    Food52 is my new obsession. I want it all! Did you see the mountain rose apples? I live in Oregon and I’ve never heard of them.

  • caitlin

    That Etsy shop is now on my christmas list. I will take one of everything.

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