March 10, 2023


Move through the Discomfort- i love lists - shutterbean


  1. Oh man. #16 was my childhood alarm clock! 
  2. This bubble installation looks so cool. 
  3. Owen Wilson as Bob Ross??
  4. I am always interested in fridge hacks. 
  5. Things your local bakery is probably freezing.
  6. Gum sales are down.
  7. Why Trader Joe’s doesn’t have a loyalty program.
  8. I bet this is amazing to see in person.
  9. The traditional Japanese braiding technique-kumihimo
  10. What to expect when you’re expecting to be a gen-x girl
  11. A guitar made from IKEA furniture.
  12. Reading the checklist for a director.
  13. How AI-generated art impacts the future of creativity.
  14. Fun find: cute cursive template
  15. An animated map of mathematics. 
  16. The name of this plant etsy shop makes me giggle.
  17. Accepting the need for reading glasses.
  18. I want a reason to wear a dress like this.
  19. I think I had one of these pics on my dorm room wall. lol
  20. I am excited for my friend’s book to come out- Unbroken

Are you free April 21-23?

I am attending the Forage Retreat in Sonoma to rekindle my creative spirit. There will be painting, foraging & writing. 

If you want to join use code SHUTTERBEAN for $200/off 


I have a substack- The Handwriting Club – right now I’m sharing magic mail but will start to share more of my grief journey through paid subscriptions. 

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