July 4, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Cats! Sitting awkwardly!
  2. So, apparently I’m Creative & Sexy.
  3. What a beautiful patio. I especially love the bar!
  4. I want to go on a trip. STAT.
  5. These photos are like a mental vacation….
  6. I also want to go to Adult Summer Camp. Bucket List. Also. More camps!
  7. How to Roll a Chipotle Burrito.
  8. 5 Unspoken Rules of Best Friends (maj!)
  9. My mom will most definitely laugh at these.
  10. This comic made me laugh.
  11. Juxtaposition of Old & New
  12. 10 Ways to Appear Smart During a Business Meeting
  13. Is this dude lip syncing? I just don’t know…
  14. Shake your bonbon.
  15. Ice cream CUPCAKES. I mean….
  16. Jessica sealed the deal with AMARETTO WHIPPED CREAM.
  17. My summer could use a pavlova and more cherries!!
  18. I’m currently listening to this while making this list.
  19. The Worst Parts of Being an Adult in the Summer. PRETTY MUCH.
  20. Photos that prove you take your job title way too seriously.
  21. COCKTAIL SNOW CONES!! (totally deserves all caps)





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