April 7, 2023


All I want is a place for everything and everything in its place- I love lists - Shutterbean- The handwriting Club


  1. Some good news stories to lighten your heart. 
  2. Clean these things when you get to a hotel/rental.
  3. I love when people alter thrift store paintings. 
  4. Let’s look at old photos.
  5. Dear Future Child —- I wrote this to Cooper before he was born.
  6. I wonder what it’s like sleeping here if your flight’s delayed.
  7. A look at fallout shelters from the 50s + 60s.
  8. This rotating camper looks so cool.
  9. This makes me want to draw dotted lines on chalkboards. 
  10. I bet these blossoms are so beautiful in person.
  11. All about matzo! 
  12. I went down a Pee Wee Herman art rabbit hole on Etsy this week. 
  13. The most popular song from each month since January 1980.
  14. Son helps recreate his father’s modeling photos.
  15. How capicola became gabagool. 
  16. Everyday items of the past that are no longer used.
  17. 100 years of Disney video montage.
  18. How the statue of David draws admiration & controversy still.
  19. What’s GenZ’s favorite snack?
  20. Every fast food restaurant’s preference of Coke vs. Pepsi.
  21. I need more mess baskets. 
  22. I need a reason to wear a dress like this. 


Are you free April 21-23?

I am attending  this Forage Workshop with creative mavens Alex Cole & Meghan Marsh King  in Sonoma Friday April 21- Sunday April 23 
There will be foraging, painting & writing. I am really excited about it as I am desperately needing to refill my creative battery. If you’re interested in attending, they have offered my readers a huge discount if you want to join in the fun.
Use code: FRIENDSWHOFORAGE for $500 off the cost.

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