September 15, 2008

dear future child,

This is your mom speaking. You are due to arrive in give-or-take 3 weeks!!! Yikes. I am equally prepared and not prepared for your arrival.

This past weekend I ate almost a whole loaf of challah bread. I am TOTALLY convinced you loved EVERY second of it. Didn’t you? I know I did. How could you not? I felt guilty for 2.5 seconds and then realized that I have a bun (that’s you!) in the oven. A bun who will smile at me one day and be a carb addict just like his momma. So I guess it was worth the sacrifice. You will probably be the child who has eaten half the loaf of french bread before the clerk passes the barcode through the scanner…. Just don’t be that kid who eats all of the bread I was going to serve company! That kid makes mommies unhappy.

Besides the challah fiasco…you also went out to dinner with your grandparents, your dad, and your cousins Elaine & Bruce.

This is what you ate:

crab salad on a brioche

sweet corn soup

your dad shared some of this…so you could experience the last of this season’s heirloom tomatoes:

casey's heirloom tomato salad

steak, corn thing that was AMAZING...tators

Your momma kept staring at your dad’s wine glass…thinking IF ONLY IF ONLY. Some day soon I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine…

wine i couldn't drink...sigh...

After this meal at Plump Jack in SF— you kicked, punched and stretched your back inside my tum for 3 hours. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE? Was that your way of telling me you loved my food choices?

I didn’t get to photograph the fig bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream…or the strawberry gelato….or the mint tea….I hope you understand.

Anyways…the doctor told me that you were a “generous” size. Are you finished browning yet? Are you going for that crispy baked look? Like the edge of macaroni & cheese…or that crispy potato your Uncle Ryan & I used to fight over? I don’t care if you are THAT crispy..just be a little brown and fully cooked in the middle. So when you come out, I will nibble on your cheeks. And maybe your toes…

Thank you for your time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the past 9 months of me being your food “dj” You will be momma’s little foodie.

Love Always,

Yer mom

  • Samantha

    What an adorable post! I’m sure he’ll look back on this one day & love hearing all
    these little stories! Wow – 3 weeks, it’s gonna be here so soon, so excited for you &
    your little one!

  • jenny

    this is just precious. i was smiling all the way through it.
    brought back such sweet memories of that last little bit- the end of the long haul, where any day could be the day- there is something so sweet about it, i can’t quite put it into words.
    but wow, tracy. you are in for something incredible.
    best of luck to you for that great big day- hard as it might possibly be, it will be one of the best.

  • martyfh

    this made me tear up a little bit. congratulations!

  • Val

    This is very sweet…I got emotional reading it!! You should have put up WARNING signs saying, TISSUES WILL BE NEEDED!!! I loved it Tracy, Best Wishes..

  • Kristen De Deyn Kirk

    If there’s any way you can keep writing about or to your baby while you’re so busy, do it! I just found a journal this morning with about five entries from when my 7-year-old son was a few months old. It was so nice to go back to that precious time. I didn’t do a good job of keeping up with it but maybe I’ll get back to it now!

    kristen at http://www.thefamilythatreadstogether.blogspot.com

  • Su-Lin

    OMG, that’s just the sweetest thing I’ve read all month! I bet (no, I know!) baby shutterbean will be eating very well when he/she comes out!

  • christine

    I can’t believe the little guy is coming in only 3 weeks.
    Where did the time go?!

    Can’t wait to see him…

  • maomau

    omg, that is the one of the cutest letter for the lil B. almost there! 🙂

  • Amanda

    3 weeks!! I feel like I have been reading your blog in forever, waiting in anticipation for your bundle of joy to make a welcome appearance! I’ve never commented but I wanted to send warm wishes and possibly another challah loaf to get you through the next 3 weeks 🙂

  • Reya

    Oh..so sweet! And only 3 weeks to go!

  • regan

    aww, 3 weeks! so close! so exciting!

  • SharonM.

    just saw this adorable pre-Cooper post…
    how sweet to read about your thoughts just before he arrived!
    I bet he would be tickled to read this one day…
    I’m sure he is becoming the best four year old foodie you could have dreamed of!
    He sure loves to eat at school… : )

    Happy Weekend!

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