January 19, 2024


I love lists - Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. You can’t take a selfie in parts of Las Vegas.
  2. This is 60.
  3. Common products with a secret feature. (some lols)
  4. Let’s space out and look at nature photos.
  5. We miss out on the bodega cat experience here in CA.
  6. The best of Zillow.
  7. Subway sells everything footlong now. 
  8. Some fancy sodas to try.
  9. This is my kinda salad.
  10. Omg yum. Chicken enchilada soup.
  11. For all you library lovers.
  12. I have mixed feelings about this! 
  13. IMy Current Favorite Pens if you’re looking for new ones! 
  14. A lot of cabbage recipe inspiration.
  15. Start your day with a brain dump.
  16. No more funny highway signs. 🙁
  17. These animated gifs are trippy.
  18. I am enjoying my new fingerless gloves.
  19. My new favorite nail polish.
  20. Weekend baking: Peanut Butter Oat Muffins


Intentions Workshop- Tracy Benjamin + MC McDonald, PhD

For those who missed our in-person Intentions Setting Workshop earlier this month, we are bringing it online in February. 

Save the date for February 10. We will be mapping out our Intentions for the Year together on a live Zoom! 

Here’s the link!  

If you have a Currently Workbook, and you haven’t filled in this part of your workbook, WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER! 

My Everyday Life Week 46 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

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  • Julie

    The Common items with secret features was fun to read, especially phone secrets.

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