December 4, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. The Myth of Easy Cooking
  2. Stay in a treehouse hotel is on my bucket list.
  3. I grew up on puffy tacos.
  4. Whoa. This MINE is out of control.
  5. What it’s like to work with Adele & Beyonce.
  6. Take me to this tree please. Oh and this tree too.
  7. This calendar is so freaking cute.
  8. Ryan Gosling SNL promos. Oh man.
  9. The pantone color(s!) of 2016 look like a baby shower.
  10. Gimme all the Hasselback Tater Tots. 
  11. Who wants to make matcha lattes with me???
  12. People are naming their kids after Instagram filters. Oh gosh.
  13. How to Stop Freaking Out about $$$ if you work for yourself.
  14. The punniest tweets of 2015
  15. Sweet Mugs!
  16. How to Slow Down Time (in your brain!)
  17. Sometimes I’m a Sloth Mom.
  18. Quick! Someone give me their baby. I wanna test this out.
  19. Gifts for my Meyer’s Brigg Personality Type.   Pretty accurate.
  20. Holiday moments that are better than presents
  21. This is what it was like driving to high school with my brother. (partially exaggerating)
  22. A Very Murray Christmas!!!!!
  • Caitie

    I’ve stayed in the Free Spirit Treehouses in Canada and they are AMAZING! So well engineered – and seriously just so cool.


  • Heidi

    The Pantone 2016 colors look like a pregnancy test! Radiant Orchid and Tangerine Tango forever.

  • Bhiravi

    AMEN to that piece on “easy” cooking! I read it earlier this week, and have been thinking of it ever since.

    Cooking, especially from online recipes or cookbooks, always seems to involve so much effort for me. There’s prep time, cooking time, clean up time, and a pile of dishes after dinner. Something worth making time for, sure, but certainly not “easy.”

    I’m kind of wondering where I can get one of those 1960s cookbooks with true no-frills easy meals.

  • Meg

    I stayed at Treehouse Point in the house pictured in the beginning of the article! It was so magical!!

  • Nikole

    I HATE the 21 !
    (But I like your blog !!)

  • Jane M

    Funny my daughter just started working at Mashable on Monday as a political reporter! Love your lists as always! Happy Holidays!

  • Bethany Susan

    No wonder I adore your blog. We’re the same MB type. 🙂

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