June 13, 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019 + printable!

Shutterbean Summer Bucket List 2019


Four years ago, I started writing out my Summer Bucket List with Cooper.  It’s a good way to set intentions/a guideline of what we each want out of our Summer.  It keeps us on task and it’s really great at the end of the Summer to look at the goals we set and accomplished.  We also do this before we go on vacations! It’s a very fun/helpful process.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Summer Bucket List 2018

Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer Bucket List 2015

Ok!!  Here’s what I have on my SUMMER BUCKET LIST for 2019:


  • baseball tournament(s)
  • go to Italy with family (send me your Rome + Florence recommendations!)
  • trip to the beach with friends
  • lady craft night sleepover
  • front yard irrigation
  • prop closet clean out
  • work on garden
  • have family BBQ
  • make an ice cream cake
  • read a few books
  • work on a new book for The Handwriting Club
  • nighttime walks with my boo
  • teach my niece how to cook! (she’s here in CA for the summer while off of college)

Cooper’s Summer Bucket List

  • have playdates/sleepovers with Floyd, Cohen, and Lachlan
  • go to epicenter with friends
  • go to Scandia with friends
  • drive an ATV or golf cart or anything with a motor with a steering wheel (lol)
  • watch movies
  • eat dippin’ dots
  • play baseball with friends
  • watch baseball with friends
  • dip biscotti in coffee (lol_
  • have my own cup of coffee
  • eat a lotta wangs (buffalo chicken wings)


Camden’s Summer Bucket List

  • soul cycle class
  • eat at Mac D in SF
  • go on a hike
  • Khalid concert
  • Golden Gate Park with Ben
  • find pretty+ colorful murals in SF
  • famous fountain in Italy
  • Florence shopping outlets
  • take pictures for Instagram content
  • Giants Game
  • walk the Golden Gate Bridge
  • visit Palo Alto/Stanford/Silicon Valley



If you’d like to play along and write down your Summer Bucket List, download the template.

Look! here’s a template for you!

Tracy from Shutterbean shares her Summer Bucket List for 2018. You can make yours too!

I’d love to see what your intentions are for the summer.

Fill it out and tag @thehandwritingclub on Instagram so we can see!



June 10, 2019

Intentions for the Week:

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:


Happy Monday!

What a weekend!  I had the Napa Makes craft fair, spent the night at my friend Helen Jane’s house and went to an art class on Sunday. After all of these activities in the past few weeks, I have a lot of catching up to do. This week is the last week of school for Cooper. Most of the days are half days so it’s a little precarious to get all my work done before school ends. Wish me luck!  Let’s start the week with a TO DO LIST. Here are my Intentions for the Week!


June 9, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 23

Here’s what this past week looked like: My Everyday Life Week 23

New headshot!!  Thank you for the sweet capture, Cotton! 

My life, lately.

Husband is the barista.

Cooper captured these photos on my camera.