April 14, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 15

A week ago I was teaching a handwriting workshop for our school auction!

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com

Nothing makes me happier than putting together an assembly line.

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com

Teaching outfit!

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com

All my stuff!  I totally brought a disco ball.

We wrote some of our family’s favorite recipes together.

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com

This is my sample recipe for the students to be inspired by.

Mom’s lemon chicken is a winner.

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com My friend Sonia hosted the party and put together this beautiful spread with her family’s empanada recipe.

My Everyday Life: Week 15 on Shutterbean.com


April 12, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Influencers are ruining our parks and dying for the best selfies.
  2. A new study says gardening is just a good as going to the gym. Thank you.
  3. Oh no! I loved this actor.
  4. This vertical  layer carrot cake blows my mind.
  5. The cutest little travel mug for a cappuccino.
  6. I dream of converting a bus or van one day.
  7. Funny fashion fails. I’m here for it. #21 lol
  8. If only we grew up with this in our classrooms!
  9. Tokyo nightlife sure is bright. So pretty!
  10. This movie intrigues me. Bill Murray!
  11. I live for clever licenses plates. 
  12. Nick Cave created a list of Top 10 Love Songs.  Get into it.
  13. Don’t feed bread to birds.
  14. Patterns in nature.
  15. Fashionable outfits for working from home. LOL.
  16. We have too much yogurt in the USA.
  17. I had no idea that drones can help plant trees.
  18. How three people spent their windfall of cash. 
  19. 8 ways to read the books you wish you had time for. 
  20. Did you see the new Stranger Things Season 3 trailer? Can’t wait!
  21. Help your kids remember things by asking them these questions. 
  22. Weekend reading: Keep Going!
  23. Two spots left in my Food Photography + Styling workshop next month. Come play!

This weekend we’ll be doing some Kitchen Spring Cleaning!

And if you need some help food-wise:

Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean shares her favorite recipes if you're looking for What to Eat in Spring!

What to Eat in Spring!

And if you’re finding yourself in a food rut, HERE IS HELP!

Do you need to figure out How to Work Your Way out of a Food Rut? Tracy Benjamin shows you how. See some creative ways to shake things up on Shutterbean.com!

How to Work Your Way out of a Food Rut! 

Enjoy your weekend!

April 8, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend started with a sleepover at my brother + sister in law’s house in the city. I love that they live so close! I spent the rest of the weekend home alone (boys had a baseball thing)  in introvert work mode (decadent!) working on a handwriting workshop for the school auction.

My Everyday Life: Week 14 on Shutterbean.com

Yesterday I taught the workshop and it went really well. Maybe I’ll share more soon. I didn’t really get to take too many photos since I was teaching.   Now that that project is done, I can focus on all the other stuff I have going onnnnnnnnnn.  My house is a disaster so one of my main goals is to get back on track with my routine.

It’s week 15!

Let’s get into it.

Here are my Intentions for the week!