September 16, 2020

Simple Vanilla Ice Cream

Have you created any new habits during quarantine? I’ve added a new treat each week in our household.  Right now we are kind of on a sundae kick here. The world may be a dumpster fire, but I still can wow an 11-year-old boy with a  Simple Vanilla Ice Cream recipe!  With some fudge sauce (I hide ours waaay back in the fridge with boobie traps!)  and chopped salty chopped peanuts, we have quick weeknight sundaes. 

While searching for a simple ice cream recipe that doesn’t involve eggs, I found a commenter’s note saying that “the best/easiest vanilla ice cream recipe is made with cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla.”

I had all of those things.

Challenged accepted. 


We have a winner.

I did add a pinch (or two) of salt cuz that’s how I roll.  The sweetened condensed milk makes the process so much easier because you don’t have to warm up cream and melt sugar!  Plus SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK TASTES AMAZING.  I love that stuff a little too much!

If you feel like dusting off your ice cream maker. and making ice cream magic, MAKE THIS.  We are going to be experimenting with it a lot in the Benjamin family. Stay tuned!


September 14, 2020

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the week – week 38 of 2020

Happy Monday, friends!

Yet again, another weekend that flew by too fast. My weekend started with an art date and ended with a dinner at my Dad’s house with his girlfriend. Other than that I did a bunch of stuff around the house. There wasn’t much we could do outside the house because the air was so bad here. I spent the time getting rid of stuff and organizing. I cleaned up my office and did meal prep! YAY! I need to get back in check with my healthy eating habits and this is the perfect way to start back on the road to health. It’s one of my Intentions for the Week! 



September 13, 2020

My Everyday Life Week 37

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 37

This week was pretty stressful! The air here in the Bay Area has been horrible due to fires. We woke up to orange skies. We woke up LATE because of it. 

I didn’t get to spend much time outside.

But when I did, I just checked on my plants.

I’m waiting to harvest seeds from these zinnias and the colors they turn before they dry up are so pretty.

Having a working irrigation system has made such a difference this year.

Afternoon snacks.