October 2, 2020



  1. My dad was a kid in NY in the 1950s.
  2. A whole bunch of hard to swallow truths.
  3. Professional chefs share the most common mistakes we make.
  4. What do poll watchers do?
  5. Perfect bag to run errands with.
  6. How to stop falling into a self-judgement spiral.
  7. Adjustment disorder in the time of COVID.
  8. I should do this with my cats.
  9. I want to sleep in a bubble and watch the northern lights.
  10. Some very creative pumpkin carving ideas.
  11. overalls love: one / two / three / four 
  12. This lace mural in spraypaint looks cool!
  13. Mothers’ careers are at extraordinary risk right now. 
  14. Healthy snacks from Costco!
  15. A whole bunch of ways to reduce waste.
  16. This kitchen looks so well-loved. 
  17. A couple restored an RV during COVID downtime. 
  18. How to deal with invisible labor at home during COVID.
  19. Herbs to help during fire season.
  20. I’d love to live in a modern ranch house one day.
  21. I didn’t know Ina Garten keeps her vinegar in the fridge.
  22. Join me in setting goals and writing down Intentions for the Week! 

  • Sarah R.

    I love “I love lists.” Every Friday I look forward to what gifts you’ve curated for us all. Thank you!

  • alesa

    I love the article about the forever kitchen. There is something so comforting about a home that is lived in and loved for years. I am completely over constant updates and remodels to keep up with trends. Why does everything look the same now? It is so boring.

  • Gena

    The link for #9, Northern Lights in a bubble, goes to the cats link above.

    I love your lists, too! I check in regularly for them.

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