December 24, 2011

365- Week 51

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s Week 50:

357/365 Game hen, kabocha squash & fried sage at Cotagna.


356/365 Making a French 75! (recipe soon)


355/365 Banana, strawberry & kale smoothie.


354/365 Sunchoke soup at Bouchon. (those fries were awesome!)


353/365 Banana cupcake at Ad Hoc. HELLO. AMAZING.


352/365 Spiced Orange Popovers!


351/365Ā  Hot pastrami sandwich at Refuge.


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  • Kay

    Banana, Strawberry and Kale…why have I not tried that? Please tell me it was great! Merry Christmas.

  • roxy

    French 75 is one of my favorite drinks! Can’t wait to see how you make it your own.

  • MaryBeth

    I’m really wishing I had your spiced orange popovers to go with my first coffee in 3 days! Your almost done the whole year of food pictures, wow! I’ve loved these pictures! BTW, you always have the cutest shoes when they show up in the pictures, jealous!

  • Deanna

    The fries at Bouchon really are to die for, as are your delicious popovers.

  • Lori from a family's life

    These pictures look so yummy!

    Seeing the Leffe beer made me think you’d taken that picture here in Belgium!

  • Darcee

    Love it when you post about local places you’ve eaten at. Refuge is less than a mile from my house. Almost went there recently with a friend. Checked out the menu first, and didn’t end up going……no vegetarian options:( Have a Merry Christmas Tracy!!!

    • Tracy

      I bet they would make the most FANTASTIC grilled cheese if you went. They grill the pastrami sandwiches with swiss and they’re pretty incredible! Also the garlic fries are killer! You should go!

      • Darcee

        Ok, you convinced me!! I’ll have to give it a try, if even just for the fries. Put garlic on anything, I’m there!!

  • Keiko

    No day 353?

    • Tracy

      typo! of course there was šŸ™‚ fixed.

      • Keiko

        Yay! Oh I’m so gonna miss your photo project next year. But! I remember how you used to take pictures of your lunches, so even if no daily pictures in 2012, once in a while round ups of your lunches would be super inspiring too! šŸ™‚

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