My Everyday Life: Week 38

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Friday night. Insane cloud display. Cloud porn. Heaven.

When Saturday mornings are waaaaaay too bright to deal with. Shutters!

The view from the couch….looking up. I like staring at the lines of the beams.

Casey’s smiley face cappuccino for his brother.

Cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. Recipe soon!

Baggy pants, gravel & plants. Work.

When Casey makes me a cocktail, it’s never served in a jar.

Morning light provides rainbows in the hallway.

Also, the cure for pants with holes in the knee? Cut off jean shorts!

This reflection in my phone caught my eye at work.

While everyone was watching the shuttle fly over the bay, I was stuck in traffic.

Mornings are so hectic in our house. Sometimes we just stop…and smile. Sometimes there’s tears.

Sky like cotton candy.

Someone didn’t want to try his sauteed kale….

He eventually tried it and LOVED it.

I like seeing what Casey paints when he’s with Cooper. I think this tree is pretty awesome.

I’ve been on an iced tea kick lately.

Purple skirt in the Marina.

I went out to dinner for work. This peach arugula salad was my favorite thing at A16.

I made Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice for the boys while I was out to eat.

Profile shot!

We finally got our furniture in the new old house! We’re trying to figure out a decorating plan.

This is always the fun part.

Killer granola & yogurt for dinner. That’s how I roll…sometimes.

Morning light. I can’t stand loading & unloading the dishwasher. It never ends. I have to accept that.


The clovers are waiting for the sun to come over the hill.

Because Mondays are hard.

All the good things.

We packed up what was left of our old house last weekend.

When we moved in, we had no house numbers on the trellis & the vines were just planted.

This is 6 years of growth. The plants are just about to touch! I’m sad I won’t see it happen.

Packing up my stuff. I stood in my favorite kitchen. I felt paralyzed. So many good meals here.

Such a fun space to work in. I’ll never forget it and it makes me pretty sad to see some of my old recipes on my blog from this kitchen.

This space really shaped who I am as a cook. I learned a lot in this kitchen.

Casey drew this for Cooper on the fence in the backyard last year. We left it there.

This was Cooper’s room staged by a stager.

It’s amazing how empty it looks without all of the good stuff to fill it up.

It was hard to say goodbye because we brought home a baby in this home and we started a family there.

It was also our first home and we were newlyweds.

But… home is where our family is and I’m excited for all we’ll experience in our new old home.

  • Jane M

    Memories – nice pix from the week.

  • Becky

    Empty houses are so sad. Now to fill the new one with lots of new memories! Happy weekend!

  • Leah

    Next month my fiance and I are moving out of the apartment we’ve lived in for 4 years. I’ll be so sad to leave, even though we’re moving into our first house, which I’m very excited for. There are so many memories here from the beginning of our relationship until now and it’ll be tough to say goodbye!

  • Julie

    I love beams and that you have clovers! Cottage cheese pancakes I’ve made have been the best – so fluffy!

  • Amy

    I’ve cried every time I’ve moved out of an apartment with my boyfriend, even though every place is better and better. So many memories in each home. But you’re right, home is where family is. I’m sure you’ll learn awesome new stuff in your new-old kitchen too. As usual, your photos were lovely and inspiring!

  • Amanda Barkey

    aww that was sweet to hear you reminisce about your old house, you will never forget it but how cool to be in your old new house where you already have old memories and there are so many more to be made. I love your rug in the dining area- and those chairs! wow. cant wait to see how you decorate the space… is there a good mantle? I always love seeing what you do for the holidays! looking forward to the cottage cheese pancake recipe too!

  • Julie J.

    I just love your everyday life series … look forward to it every weekend. Your new old house looks amazing and like others have said, you’ll make even more memories in this new old space! Thanks for sharing your adventures, your family and your recipes.

  • Victoria

    Bittersweet week for sure! As much as I love the morning light in your new old kitchen, I am really going to miss your old kitchen too. 🙂 Not as much as you will miss it, but I will!

  • Laura

    I love your pictures- and the memories! Moving into a new home is really hard, because it all seems like boxes and empty spaces at first, but soon you will have memories in the new place 🙂

  • Lia

    You made me cry on my birthday!! But it’s ok because as always your photos are so lovely and a joy to look at 🙂

  • Theresa

    There’s such beauty, depth, and meaning in all your photos. They are all so moving, especially the one in the mirror shot where he’s crying with you snapping his photo from behind. Sometimes you just gotta let out a good cry.


  • Elena.

    Awww, I totally get this “bipolar” period of sadness and nostalgia for leaving your old home …. and the plants!! and excitement about your new home and garden… I love your pictures! I love that you document REAL LIFE! , ‘ cause that’s how it is, there is beauty in a dishwasher, in a sight from traffic.. and in a I DON”T WANT MORE (or any KAle, MOM!’. thanks for sharing!

  • Courtney @ I Am A Mess!

    We just moved out of our first real house and the one we brought home a baby in too. You are brave going back! I’ve made my husband go without me because I couldn’t handle it!

  • joy the baker

    home home home home home. this post gives me emotions.

  • whoorl

    I’m going to miss your kitchen (photos) too, but so excited for all the adventures to come! xo

  • Mira C

    Thank you for sharing such a momentous and personal change with us! Also, I think I am going to have to make that granola now…

  • Staci Magnolia

    Imma need to know what shoes you’re wearing in pic 6

  • Kiki

    What a sweet post! I loved all the clouds photos and never knew your husband was such an artist. This post was like a little letter to your home and I really liked it. 🙂

  • Carly

    My husband and I both cried when we moved out of our condo and into our house. It was our first home away from our parents, our first home together and it was was where we brought our baby home. We’ve been in our house for five years now and it is truly a home. (A home filled with tons of crazy crap!) You too will fill your new old home with memories and crazy crap. It will be wonderful.

    And emptying the dishwasher is the daily chore that we both hate the most.

  • Stacey

    This was such a beautiful post. I’m so excited to see all the wonderful things that come out of the kitchen in your new old house!

  • biobabbler

    So, you get design/decor ideas and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT them (the font of the street # at your old place is SO lovely). No WONDER your homes look so amazing. I pin them to a board, and there they sit. =)

    I’m sorry you don’t get to see the twining plants meet, but think of all the delight you’ve made possible for the new folks. Not sure that’ll help, but it is real…

    =) We had visitors Th-this a.m. and as you say (I’m directly east of you by Yosemite), the CLOUDS and SUNSETS have been AMAZING. I keep trying to get them to understand that to even have clouds at ALL out here (inland) in summer is amazing, but this string of fabulous sunsets has been MOST delicious. Nice captures!!

  • Lucia

    Leaving is always hard: leaving people, leaving houses, leaving memories. But you’ll always have your family with you, and beautiful clouds in the sky. All the best.

  • Angela

    SPECIAL … Thanks for sharing.

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