Cucumber Infused Vodka

cucumber infused vodka

It’s INFUSION TIME! Have you made the Strawberry Infused Vodka yet? If you haven’t, you should! For those of you who’ve made some, isn’t it crazy good? Don’t you feel proud of yourself for making your own jazzed up vodka? It’s kind of addictive, no? So here’s the latest addition to my booze repertoire–Cucumber Infused Vodka! I have no doubt that you’re gonna want to get in on this action.

cucumber infused vodka

Cucumber Infused Vodka is delicate, slightly sweet, and uber-refreshing. It’s like fancy spa water gone wild! The best part is that it’s SOO dang easy to make. All you have to do is peel & cut 1 English cucumber, put it in a jar of vodka and wait for 3 days. Amazing, right? I should also note that cucumbers don’t soak up as much booze like the strawberries in the Strawberry Infused Vodka, so the vodka yield is HIGH. Winning!

So, what to do with this vodka? Drink it ICE cold on it’s own; it’s really fantastic by itself. Since I generally like to mix booze with other stuff, I added some to a cold glass of watermelon juice with a twist of lime and it was KILLER. I think I’d like to try it with pineapple juice, sparkly water & mint. Oh dear…I’m salivating now.

And we’re off!

Get your act together.

getting ready!

Peel the cucumber. Scrape out the seeds. CHOP.

seeding & chopping

Hello cucumber. Let’s get you in this big ole mason jar.



getting ready

THIS. Put a lid on it.

filler up!

And you’re ready to let it sit for three days. Agitate it once or twice daily.

ready to infuse

And when you are ready to crack it open…

3 days later

You strain it! The cucumbers have lost all of their color. They turn almost yellow. Weird!


And now you have cucumber infused vodka!


When you freeze it, you get wonderful sheets of cucumber ice in each sip.


Add a few slices of cucumber in your martini glass & drink it ice cold!

cucumber vodka


Cucumber Infused Vodka

Makes about 2 3/4 cups vodka

(recipe from Sean Timberlake of Punk Domestics)

  • 1 large English cucumber, peeled & seeded
  • 750 ml vodka (I used Pearl Vodka!)

Peel, seed & chop cucumbers and place in a seal-able container large enough to contain it all. Add the vodka on top and seal. Store in a cool, dark place (like your pantry) for 3 days, or up to a week, agitating daily. Strain with coffee filters or cheesecloth. Store and serve well chilled.

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