March 1, 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Jen Hewett is an inspiration. I love her essay on perfectionism and creativity.
  2. Whoa, Martha! WOW!
  3. The history of hot sauce in America
  4. How do I bring mindfulness into my life?
  5. Check out this wall of snow in Japan!
  6. This photo series reminds me of my friend Andrea.
  7. Don’t tickle kids without their permission.
  8. This feels way too real.
  9. How to shop in bulk! 
  10. Airports are secretly manipulating you. 
  11. Faux plants that look real.
  12. Workism is making America miserable.
  13. How to stop obsessing over your mistakes.
  14. New restaurant reviews from the SF Chronicle!  – can’t wait to read this with coffee this weekend.
  15. A fascinating read about the future of meal kit delivery services.
  16. So many of Cooper’s favorite shows have laugh tracks and it drives me nuts.
  17. Space out to this video of melting a jawbreaker.
  18. How to spot fake photos online.
  19. The winners of the Shot on an iPhone challenge.
  20. I like Nike’s “Dream Crazier” ad. 
  21. Are robots competing for your job?
  22. Researching:  tote that turns into backpack /composter / a casual tunic
  23. I have tofu in my fridge. I should totally make this crispy buffalo tofu bite situation.
  24. Note to self: How to Keep Creativity Alive.



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