September 15, 2023


When you get, give. When you learn, teach. I LOVE LISTS// shutterbean


  1. How to help your kids build self-awareness.
  2. I’m reading about the new iPhone 15 pro.
  3. This is your reminder that nutritional yeast exists. 
  4. Amazing astronomy pics. 
  5. These are my reading glasses everyone asks about on Instagram.
  6. People also ask me about my coveralls– and I LOVE THEM! 
  7. Ugly design is ugly! 
  8. Ikea’s first-ever Halloween collection.
  9. Men used to be so dapper in the 1930s/1940s. 
  10. 10 barista tricks that make your coffee tastes better. 
  11. Keep a rotisserie chicken in the fridge. 
  12. Things you shouldn’t cook in a cast iron pan.
  13. 22 best Trader Joe’s grocery items of all time. 
  14. These are my favorite Trader Joe’s pantry staples.
  15. Why do goats have such weird eyes? 
  16. Yard clean up instructions for the fall. 
  17. I love minimalist photography.
  18. This looks like soooooo much fun to play with. I want. 
  19. There’s a new post on The Handwriting Club substack! 

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my post about my weight loss. I am traveling right now and will be able to respond soon. I appreciate your thoughtful responses and encouragement. THANK YOUUUUU! 

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