December 27, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com



  1. My mom loved otters and this post is dedicated to her
  2. I like figuring out where samples are from in songs.
  3. Learn how to use your brain’s delete button.
  4. Roman statues were more colorful than we thought!
  5. How much would you make parenting? Here’s a calculator.
  6. How to set goals for the next decade.
  7. This note about a VHS player is so sweet.
  8. Best photos of 2019
  9. Cute dress alert!
  10. Nike created a shoe just for nurses.
  11. Predicted Food Trends fro 2020
  12. I love reading through Jessica’s recipe disasters each year.
  13. To make: unstuffed mushroom casserole
  14. Important product innovations for 2019
  15. Cats crash nativity scenes. lol
  16. What it’s like to work retail during the holidays. Ooof.
  17. Gargoyles vs. ice.
  18. A whole bunch of Christmas fails.
  19. I could totally see my husband doing this.
  20. Need to create some healthy eating habits? I DO.
  21. Make some new morning rituals to change your life.


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  • Katerina

    When I saw the nurse shoe my mind went: “Nike nurse
    Only you alone can quench this jah thirst
    My nike nurse, oh gosh
    Oh the pain it’s getting worse
    I don’t wanna see no doc”

  • Katerina

    Also, if you like to find out the samples, check out the whosampled.com website!
    Happy holidays!

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