April 17, 2020



  1. How to look good on video chat according to Tom Ford.
  2. It’s OK if you can’t relax right now.
  3. Risks to the “motivational pressure” we are facing right now.
  4. I have all of the ingredients to make these cookies.
  5. The U.S. Postal system has never been more important or endangered
  6. If you wanna make a small batch of hamburger buns (which I do!)
  7. The coronavirus is bringing out the stupidity in people.
  8. Cat + weatherman = good TV
  9. How to dry herbs.
  10. Why small decisions feel as tough as big ones during this time.
  11. What a beautiful place to visit. I want a vacation SO BAD.
  12. What will work/life balance look like after the pandemic?
  13. Is it ethically OK to have food delivered right now?
  14. American restaurants with beautiful views from the 1950s +1960s
  15. Some innovative food creations while in quarantine.
  16. Screens are lifesavers but also relationship wreckers right now.
  17. See also: How to Break Up with Your Phone
  18. Weekend reading: Dancing at the Pity Party  + Josey Baker Bread
  19.  A thank you note to all teachers.
  20. If you need recommendations on art supplies, I have quite a few!
  21. Here’s 2 months FREE premium membership to Skillshare if you wanna spend time learning

The image above is from my latest 100 days project- #100thingsmymomusedtosay  follow along on The Handwriting Club on instagram. 

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