June 26, 2020



  1. Hello, dream home.
  2. If you think you’re having a bad day…
  3. Why not having human contact is hard right now.
  4. Barcelona Opera reopens for PLANTS!
  5. This water bottle reminds me to drink water.
  6. What should replace the racist monuments that are being taken down?
  7. I want my husband to build me one of these.
  8. The cutest playhouse! 
  9. How to “unplug” your kid’s tech addiction.
  10. I love seeing how people convert their garages into living spaces.
  11. Sink art that doesn’t last very long…
  12. A hair cut/color can really transform a person.
  13. 14 Black women we should learn about in History class.
  14. Your Black Friends Are Busy – a comprehensive app
  15. I’m obsessed with vintage supermarket photos.
  16. Blondies for two. Yes please.
  17. I love cabinets filled with curiosities. 
  18. What America asks of working parents in impossible.
  19. Behind Time’s America Must Change cover.
  20. This dress in leopard would be cute with these birks. 

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  • Teresa

    No. 2 made me laugh until tears ran down my face. Boy, I really needed that. Thanks.

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