February 22, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. The modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles.
  2. Here are some interesting google map finds. 
  3. Why we yawn and how to stop it.
  4. His & Hers fashions from the 70s. LOL. Can you imagine?
  5. These old photos of inside the Hindenberg are amazing.
  6. How the Mona Lisa became one of the most famous paintings.
  7. On the wishlist:  leopard shoes / striped shirt / a weighted blanket
  8. Climbing through ropes gives me a panic attack.
  9. Big question: Who will care for the baby-boomers?
  10. The best Oscar looks of all time
  11. Bananas Fosters meets hand pies! Nom.
  12. Check out this mirror house in the Swiss Alps!
  13. All about how gaffers use tape on set.
  14. Books to read to learn about addiction.
  15. How the life of a chef can take its toll.
  16. I’d love to look through these terrible real estate photos with my MIL.
  17. Leftover bread? Make Cinnamon raisin bread pudding or bread sausage hash this weekend.
  18. The hottest new wellness startups are selling plants. 
  19. I loved reading how my friend Jessica navigates working through the comparison trap.
  20. Illustrated shadows are so clever.


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  • Christine

    The 70’s fashion pics are awful! I grew up in the 70’s and never ever once saw couples (or even individuals) dress like that! I was horrified and embarrassed for them! ha! That said, maybe my small part of the world didn’t include these kinds of people. Too funny.
    Thank you for the link to Jessica’s blog post. I find myself falling into this trap in my field. This gives me food for thought. Happy Friday!

  • Karen

    Laughed at the 70’s fashions. #2 could have been my husband and I! My hair, his beard and glasses and the Boston fern in a macrame hanger. Think I even had that jumpsuit!

  • Megan

    #1 is so wise and SO TRUE!! It’s a lovely compliment (one of the best!) when someone views your work as “buyable”. But it also carries with it the weight of monetizing every single thing and then having to fight feeling like a failure if it doesn’t work out. And when is it actually a success? Yeah. Wise words!

    (Still working my way through the rest of the fine links 😉 )

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