happy fathers day!

appetizers on the patio- happy fathers day!
our house reflected in a wineglass
grilled crispy lavash bread
fathers day dessert
take a spoon

I’ve come to the conclusion that eating is so much better when done outside. We moved into our house almost a year ago (july 4th will be our move-in anniversary). For the first three months, we did not eat a single meal inside. Casey says the food I make for us is always better during the summer. I think it’s just cuz we get to eat it outside! Now that the weather is warmer, breakfast/lunch/dinner will be eaten on the patio. Food just tastes better that way!

Fathers Day Dinner included:

-cheese plate (with marcona almonds)
-tomato/mozzarella/crusty bread with olive oil topped with homemade pesto
-middle eastern inspired ground lamb kebabs
-salad with tomatoes, red onion, italian parsley, feta & cucumber with a lemon oregano dressing
-crispy lavash bread
-vanilla roasted apricots mixed with strawberries, mangoes and cherries on top of a dollop of honey lemon ricotta & marscapone cheese mixture
-4 bottles of red wine!
-vegan food for my brother (indian rice with vegan burger & vegan chocolate pudding)
-laughter, sillyness, and fun moments. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

The Weekend:

-shopping for gifts at Bath and Body Works (i love these!)
-drinks with neighbors/made a potato salad with cilantro & grilled chicken (vinegar based)/drinks with other neighbors
-speaker installed in ceiling of kitchen
-wallmounted touch panel installed in wall of kitchen (means I can listen to music while cooking & cleaning up what a cook! yay!)
-dinner to celebrate a friends birthday at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (bloody $50 bill fight in the front-don’t ask)
-ice cream at Mitchells (chocolate caramel crackle with another scoop of strawberry) Husband god Toasted Almond & Mexican chocolate.
-grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck…err… I mean Whole Foods
-house cleaning & gardening for parents arrival
-father’s day dinner
-hanging out with neighbors- another neighbor brought over yummy bread pudding with a lemon rum glaze.

i have to stop eating. time to catch up on Big Love & Entourage.

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