September 5, 2014

I love lists, Friday!

I love lists, FRIDAY!

  1. Grandmothers know best.
  2. Women & Whiskies. I play a hand model in this series. Ha!
  3. This is beautiful.
  4. Kinda makes you think of all the lives you could have had. 
  5. This was fun to watch.
  6. Yup. Pretty much. 
  7. How to test if a battery is bad. Spoiler alert: It bounces!
  8. I might be spending my Friday night on this Youtube channel… Start with the Marilyn Monroe look!
  9. 9 things I learned about Earthquakes this week.
  10. The smile on this baby’s face melts my heart.
  11. Do you think you’re old?   Haha budgets! Superfoods!
  12. What Progress Really Looks Like.   REAL LIFE.
  13. Photo Inspiration! You Are My Wild.
  14. What are these and why don’t I have them??
  15. I experienced this thought when I watched my grandfather die.
  16. A little morality tale from David Sedaris.
  17. How to Say No to Everything Ever.  (!!!!)
  18. How to reprogram your Subconscious Mind. Thank you, Marie.
  19. The ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet on How to Be a Great Negotiator.  Bookmarked!
  20. Yes.




Have you listened to the latest episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast?  Check out episode #129 These Are the Days of the Week,

On this week’s episode we talk about —What being born on a Monday or Saturday means for you. We discuss what you bake for a work baking competition. Joy’s new cookbook is about to come out, she’s working on a new one and I want to know why she’s such a cookbook making machine!


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