June 17, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists! Let’s surf the internet together: 

  1. For when you’re having a bad day. Thanks HJH.
  2. Ahhh there was a FNL reunion!
  3. Can Seattle keep its soul?
  4. Dresses over pants. Discuss.
  5. Online class that looks cool-  Indigo Dye Class
  6. Very clever food photos
  7. Pantone color names vs. what color they actually look like
  8. My new sandals
  9. If you want to eat healthier….
  10. OMFG yes.
  11. This is good for me + my hikes!
  12. Maybe I’ll make a candle or two for outside this summer.
  13. This is 2016.
  14. I’d like to have a moment in Joshua Tree sometime.
  15. Cooper and I have to make homemade pocky this summer!
  16. I didn’t really know what ghosting was. I haven’t dated in 17 years.
  17. We’re all about dramatic comedies in my household.
  18. A list of really good parenting hacks that are borderline genius.
  19. 5 ways to add more play into your work + life
  20. Stray Cats of Tokyo
  21. Made these turkey burgers a few weeks ago and loved them.
  22. Sushi donuts are a thing now. Not mad at it.

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