happy holidays…..

the past week in photo form:

lunch with the family at greens:

view from my seat  greens restaurant, sf wine for lunch neat packaging eggplant & pepper pizza black bean chilli again with the bread! i ordered the sampler coconut marquis pine nut tart

dinner with my family at zuni:

dinner with family at zuni. worth quitting atkins over caesar salad anchovies seafoods bruschetta with cannelinni mash, mushrooms & oil roasted chicken with bread salad mmmmmm i ate like half of these effers. two hands! two hands! aftermath.  disgusting i know.  but so good! pecan cornmeal biscotti

finishing decorative touches around the house…..

glow and show your tackyness to our neighbors! the mantle at night

over-extending myself in the kitchen…..

overly ambitious.  my kitchen was a disaster last night. rugelach

last minute wrapping…

to: dad to: emma to: angie to: henry

-Christmas Eve dinner at my parents (too busy to take pics! sooo sad!)

-Christmas Day with the hubbie’s family

xmas dinner presentation the flowers horse gets pestered i'd sit here every night if i could

-Day after Christmas–family portraits taken at the beach…..

getting ready for the family portrait i wore converse! my ears are cold what are these called?

– dinner at my house with husband’s family (made two soups)

-made it to 100 posts on this blog!!!   (thank you for all your kind words & support!  It’s been fun!)

and……a lot of other stuff happened too…but we finally have some down time….and I have three new magazines to devour.

more soon….

  • Melisser

    Everything looks beautiful! I hope your holidays were as lovely as they look!

  • jenifer

    lady you eat sooo well! greens and zuni; swoon. hope your holidays were fantastic, which they look like they were 🙂 have a wonderful new years!

  • Tracy

    happy new years to you too jen! holidays were exhausting…and i got a cold on top of it! looking forward to 2008! xoxo

    melisser: thanks sweetie!

  • dana

    I love one of your photos of presents: the “brown paper packages tied up with string.” Very lovely!

  • Tracy

    thanks dana! it’s just packaging paper….which is awesome. You can use it for any holiday as long as you have a matching paper/ribbon to jazz it up.

  • kelly e.

    Love your pictures from the holidays! It looks so relaxing and you were well fed.

  • Amber

    I love Zuni, it is always great, never a disappointment but I have yet to go to Greens, someday. I live in Turlock in the Central Valley, what I like to refer to as ‘hell’. Anyways, it is about 1 1/2 hour east of SF.

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