December 2, 2007

Hello, December.

This weekend was chilly.

december 1st

I spent time on my computer with a slice of buttery toast and a cup of coffee.

Yes, it is a Halloween mug. Yes, I know it’s December.

breakfast of champions

I did some landscaping in the backyard:

doing some landscaping mint under water

The weather kept changing on me:

you're my favorite moment the weather was weird today

I soaked in all the beautiful colors of the fallen leaves:

leaves will fall.  and then i get to see my neighbors shitty house. red orange brown yellow so glad we stained you, deck 

I made a very yummy rustic/savory tart with carrots, sweet potatoes, bacon, goat cheese, red onion, rosemary & butternut squash:

carrot porn hmmmmm  added goat cheese

rustic tart eat that up!

I watched Gilmore Girls with Whitney.  I think we got in 6 or 7 episodes!

I made more mushroom soup.

I drank a lot of coffee.

I got my hair colored.

I went to the library & got some cookbooks to admire.

I did some glittering.

We bought our Christmas tree & did some decorating.

Oh! I finally did the dishes:

constantly doing dishes

Now it’s time to watch some Dexter.  I hope you all had a good weekend too!

  • erin

    as good as your trader joes month was, i’m so glad to have the original shutterbean back. like the cozy slippers i miss while vacationing…

  • Melisser

    I love the lanterns in the trees! It’s always time for Halloween items in my world.

  • jenifer

    great weekend tracy 🙂 that tart looks yum (w/o bacon…or with fake-o bacon!)

  • april

    I love to stop in every now and then and look at your images.

  • Tracy

    woot: thank ewes! the other day i wore 1 slipper of mine & 1 slipper of casey’s. His are clearly more comfortable.

    Melisser: I love Halloween. Especially Tim Burton halloween…..

    Jenifer: Thanks! Facon/Bacon….Does fake bacon taste the same?

    April: Thank you! What a nice thing to say!

  • Anna

    What a weekend!

    I adore those aqua lanterns in the trees.

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