November 2, 2007

Garlic Ginger Butter

One of my biggest gripes in the kitchen is garlic skin & onion skin. I hate how it gets stuck to everything. It’s soooo hard to remove!!! I know it’s worth the effort….. but gaaaaaaahhhhh! Get it off my cutting board & fingers. And why is it stuck to my knife??? Total pet peeve of mine. Fret no more!

Drum roll please….

Favorite Trader Joe’s Item #2: Premium Peeled Garlic

sealed garlic from tjs

One of the newest additions to my Trader Joe’s cart has been their pre-wrapped garlic. This trio of garlic is tightly sealed and shares a little bag with at least 4 other trios. I wonder how they come up with three….. What if I only needed two or one? Either way, I find something else to put garlic in that day. When I made butternut squash soup the recipe called for only two cloves. I used three and it tasted great. How could one extra clove really ruin something? Maybe if you are a raw garlic eater?

ingredients to make garlic ginger toast

So here’s a recipe a good friend shared with me. It’s called garlic-ginger spread. It will cure your cold/ailment with the fighting power of garlic and ginger. You might also have the taste of garlic in your mouth for awhile, but believe me it’s worth it.

How to make it:

  • Melt 1 stick of salted butter
  • Grate a large knob of ginger (at least 3 inches)
  • Chop & mince 6 cloves of garlic (just 2 packages of the tjs kind!)
  • Stir in some Sriracha sauce (about 2-3 heaping squirts- depending on how spicy you like your food)
  • mix all together!

You can use it when the butter is melted, or when it hardens up! Works both ways.

What it Looks Like:

garlic ginger toast concoction

Many Uses:

-Spread liberally on toast- devour (this is the main way I consume it)

-Smear on top roasted chicken & let the butter melt

-Mix with eggplant & put that on top of toast!

-Toss in steamed broccoli

-Rub it inside your favorite sandwich

-Mix it in some mashed potatoes or rice

-Throw some in while you’re stir frying…..

***I made some last night because of my horrendous cough, and I’m already starting to feel better. It’s not something I feel guilty about eating because I know it will do more good than harm. ***

  • radish

    Oh nice! You had me at butter. And then to add to it my other three favorite ingredients – well that’s just too tempting not to make!

  • laura

    yummy! i wish we had trader joe’s here!!! xo

  • erin

    i can attest to the tastiness of this recipe. earth balance vegan margarine worked just as well. i can’t imagine it without the toast, but now you’ve inspired me to try this elsewhere. it really does help you if you’re on your way to sickieville!

  • Anna

    Garlic, ginger, and hot sauce? Those are basically my favourite things in one recipe. I don’t think my roomates would like me if I ate six cloves of raw garlic, though. Sniff.

  • Tracy

    radish: anything with butter is delightful in my opinion. Unless it’s mayo.

    Anna: If you’re sick, you’ll do anything to feel better! When your roommates catch a cold, they’ll be begging for a cure 😉

    laura: I’ll send some good Trader Joe’s vibes your ways! I’ll see if santa can bring you one!

  • Melisser

    That spread sounds intense!

  • Kathryn

    A most excellent recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I won’t wait ’til I’m sick (just got over a cold myself) but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. My favorite cold cure is Thai hot and sour soup, so I can see how this would have the same beneficial effect. The hot sauce is a key ingredient since it helps to clear your head/chest, sweat out the sickness and is good for your immunity. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  • Kathryn

    Just wanted to let you know that I tried this recipe this evening and it was fan-tastic! I cut rounds of French bread, slathered them with garlic-ginger spread, and toasted them in the oven. We also cut some of the toasted bits into pieces as a sort of crouton for the squash soup we made, which was a delicious combination. Of course, while I was cooking, there was a fair bit of snacking on bread dipped right in the garlic-ginger spread. Delicious.

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  • Rosie

    I’m on the tail end of a cold right now (knock on wood) and this sounds amazing!

    … Also, I love the podcast. Just saying.

    • Tracy

      I hope you feel better!!! Mine is still lingering…sigh!

      You can kinda hear me mask my coughing through laughs on last week’s epi. Haha!

  • Lizzie

    Just made this for my 2 week long cold! So strong, so good. It’s a triple whammy of ingredients!

  • Judy

    Just found you. Sounds superb. 2 things or maybe 3.
    Is it not too runny to spread on bread? Ooh I made a poem!
    I can’t get the hot sauce you referred to but I can get Thai hot sauce and
    How do you grate ginger? I’ve never grated or bought to be honest. I can get little frozen squares but I’m sure not as strong.
    Oh. No. 4. How much is a stick of butter in grammes?
    Thank you.
    I’m now bookmarking this.

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