July 12, 2011

Beet Parsley Apple Juice

read it!

If you have a juicer you might already know that it’s feast or famine in Juicetown. Some weeks you juice HARDCORE and then all of a sudden you find your juicer in the back of the cabinet collecting dust. It happens because sometimes you just want to EAT instead of drink juice. Right now I’m a full-throttle juicer. I think it’s probably because I talked to my mother- in- law who just started juicing and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Thanks, MIL! I’m glad you are apart of the juice club! I’m also excited to see my friend Kasey in Juicetown too!


Beet Parsley Apple Juice….what can you say other than the fact that it’s delicious? Parsley is really good for you because it’s super green and packed with vitamin C. Push a bunch through your juicer and marvel at the color! Beets are bright red and full of frothy juice and apples always help balance out the equation with their sweetness. Put a few ice cubes in your Beet Parsley Apple juice with a squeeze a bit of lime and you have something bright, refreshing, and super hearty. Lunch in a cup!

And we’re off!

Hello Green Parsley Juice!


Hello Beet Stems! I’m gonna juice you in addition to the beets!


Pretty juice layers!


Ice cubes….


Squeeze of lime….stripey straws.

one for you. one for me.

Gorgeous juice.

beet parsley apple juice

Gulp it down.

Beet Parsley Apple Juice

Makes enough for 2 big glasses

  • 1 bunch Italian flat leaf parsley
  • 3 medium beets, quartered (juice the stems too!)
  • 2 apples, quartered (I used Lady Gala)
  • 1/2 lime

Juice the parsley, marvel in the greenness. Juice the the beets. Look at how red they are! Juice the apple. Pour juice in two cups with ice cubes, a squeeze of lime. Enjoy!

Shutterbean Notes:

-no need to peel the beets or the apples!

  • Mel

    I always thought beets were bitter! Is that crazy? Or does the apple even it out?
    I need to try them some more. My husband loves them and I have sadly not attempted to eat/drink them in years.

  • Cyndi B

    Oh YUM, I love beets! Orange are my favorite but I’ll take any kind I can get my hands on. I don’t have a juicer but I do have a vitamix which I use OFTEN…. this recipe probably would be to chunky though, huh? hmm…

  • Sydney

    that looks and sounds ah-mazing!
    I wish I had a juicer so I could eat/drink/slurp/enjoy that (my mother is always trying to get me to eat beets so this might be a perfect foray into the glorious world of beet eaters)

  • Kasey

    You continue to inspire me with your juicing! I am obsessed with that red beet juice color…I have a hard time NOT juicing whenever I come home from work. I’m so excited by it!

  • Irma

    That looks so good!
    I have one of those food processors that makes everything, not sure if it juices. I going to check it right now!

  • Katrina

    What a neat juice combo! Love this idea!

  • Petra

    Looks delicious and refreshing. I love beets a lot. Dwight Schrute would want to marry you if he saw this recipe. 🙂

  • Robyn

    parsely is also really high in iron! who knew? my naturopath told me to add parsely to my smoothies when we found out i was anemic last year. it just adds a nice fresh clean flavour!

  • Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

    Do you notice that parsley often gets its vegetable status overlooked because it is an herb? Seems that way. But it looks like a dang fine leafy green to me! I imagine the almost pepperiness of the parsley would cut the sweetness from the beets and apples so nicely! I live in jealousy of your juicer. *sigh*

  • LaTavia

    This looks deelish. Is possible for this to be blended or would it be too fibery? lol My juicer walked off on me so im lost w/o it

  • valerie

    Gorgeous! I so wish I had a juicer!

  • cindy

    i totally know what you mean about feast/famine in juice town! i totes made the apple-fennel-melon juice + plum…cause it was there. i went easy on the fennel since sean was wary of it, we both liked it, so next time i’m upping the fennel!

  • katy

    I’ve never considered myself to be much of a juice person, but, after finding your blog, I think I could be converted. This looks amazing!

  • Christine

    Bears eat beets.

    Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    I would never have thought to juice beets, although I’ve always enjoyed munching on them at the salad bars, especially as a kid (they were enticing because they were the only thing NOT green; also the chick peas – I ate those a lot).

    Anyway, this definitely looks like an adventure, and one that pays off well!

  • Ginny

    my omega 4000 just had its maiden juicing this morning after my run: kiwi/apple/carrot/ginger—delightful! thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  • heather @ chiknpastry

    sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner ;). i’ve made a couple of juices – a cantaloupe-ginger and then a really healthy one with kale, spinach, celery, and apples. both were way tasty! can’t wait to grab some beets, but tonight i’m thinking it’s time for carrot juice :).

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    You make the most absolutely beautiful juices that I’ve ever seen. I rarely drink juice and have never made a home-juice, but if I ever decide to start, I’m mos def trying your recipes. 🙂

  • Manali

    Tracy – what kind of juicer do you use?
    There are waaay too many options out there and I don’t even know where to start!

  • Mary Catherine of [Good Graces]

    My first job ever was at a hippie juice bar in Milwaukee back in 1999. THIS was one of the most popular combinations and I’ve been obsessed ever since. You’re so cool.

    • Tracy

      oooh! I kind of want my own hippie juice bar. Does that make me cool? This combo was super awesome. What did you like the most when you worked there?

      • Mary Catherine of [Good Graces]

        My favorite juice is carrot, apple, beet, lemon and enough ginger to make it spicy. Also, cucumber, lime, wheatgrass and (when the cute but judge-y hippies turn their backs) enough vodka/seltzer to make things interesting. Off the clock/on the rocks. Perfect.

  • Running Bear75

    Can you please provide some information on the juicer you use? What is it? How old is it? How is it holding up? Etc. My dentist just put me on a soft food/ liquid diet and I am looking at buying a juicer. Would you recommend the one you currently own?

    Thank you so much. I love the blog and the podcasts.


  • Emma Young

    Wow! Heaven!

  • Z

    I love you and the way you write.

    ps: trying this juice tomorrow!

  • Kathy

    You can buy used juicers from Craigslist listings, in your area. Take it home, and clean it, and you’re ready to go! I use carrot, apple, parsley, beet, and ginger root in my juice drink. The ginger helps with any inflamation in the joints of the body.


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