December 16, 2007

To Do List (typed on Friday)

-mail the rest of the xmas cards (yes,done)-sleep in! (Saturday-not really/Sunday-yes!)

-make a dessert? (made blueberry muffins from a Donna Hay cookbook)

skip to the good part

-post a recipe (hold your horses- i’ll do that in a sec)

-figure out which cookies to make for xmas (umm good ones? gingerbread ones?)

-take some photos (well yes of course, but here are a few more)

i like this tunnel.  dont hold your breath though, it's long rainbow tunnels & prius land 45mph lady. texting on the bridge next to a hot woman....real smart

-finish laundry (3 loads down, two more to go)

-wrap xmas presents (almost done)

-squeeze cats (yes- but maybe more before bed)

-buy xmas presents for the dudes in the family (one dude down, three dudes to go)

-have a cocktail (i’ll get on that now)

-go to grandmas house for lunch/dinner on Saturday (yes and here’s proof)

getting ready to dig in sausage & meatballs in *gravy* mmmmm *gravy* round 1 i'm not drinking fucking merlot! grandma done!

-watch the season finale of Dexter (done! wow! I will miss you, dex!)

– go to Target (yup! what a zoo! frightening!)

-watch some Flight of the Conchords (watched 3 episodes)

sorry jemaine

-straighten up craft room (doing so now)

-work out (yes! feeling the burn, baby!)

Not on the list:

-went to Borders

-made a yummy Potato Leek Soup with croutons (recipe soon)

Now, it’s time to finish straightening up my craft room, wrap some presents with a cocktail, post a recipe, take care of laundry and unwind….. Happy Sunday everyone.

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