summer lovin’

last night’s dinner:


I am very proud to say that I grew EVERY tomato in that lil bowl up there!

a greek like dinner

I made a little Greek inspired salad with:

-white corn
-salt & pepper
-olive oil
-red wine vinegar

Served that with some grilled chicken sausage & some grilled lavash bread. Now we’re talkin’!!

Cooper joined us on the patio. I think he likes eating outside too. It’s dinners like this that reassure me that I can be a mom AND make a really good dinner. Just don’t look in my kitchen. It’s a disaster.

I think he enjoys eating dinner with us…but he’s always trying to get his hands on things he can’t yet eat.

This sounds like someone familiar….

  • vanessa

    We love to bring MrO outside to eat with us at dinner as well.
    Next year I am making it a requirement that we grow cherry tomatoes.
    That high chair looks pretty schnazzy btw.

  • rebekka

    NICE tomatoes!!!! Beautiful!

  • lo

    Ooooh. I’m so jealous of your tomatoes. I’m still waiting for mine… cold weather has stunted things a bit in my garden. So, I need to be patient.

    Becky tipped me off to your site in her latest post — and I’m so thrilled. Gorgeous photos here… and great food! Will definitely be back!

  • Erin

    Just made this salad , or a variation of the one you posted… served it with lavish bread from2nnd and Irvine, and vegetarian sausage grilled on the forman since we are veggies! the salad was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

  • agneta

    I must tell you that I loooooove love your blog!

    Agneta from Sweden

  • Margaux

    Awesome highchair.

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