October 18, 2007

one of those days

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was dragging ass for the most of the morning. At work I just couldn’t get my excel spreadsheet to work right…In the midst of figuring it out I had like 20 more things to fix/do. I called one my favorite people in the world to vent and she reminded me that I should write 3 good things down a day in my journal. Today this goes in my written journal- and online. It’s a reminder to remember that there can be good parts of the day among all the crappy parts.

So here goes….three good things that happened today:

1. the Red Sox won tonight (woot!)

2. i had a good workout at the gym that went by faster than I anticipated
3. my neighbor brought casey & i home caramel apples:

caramel apple


mmmmmm goey with rice krispies on bottom


im pacing myself with you, caramel apple

4. (just cuz i’m on a roll) I’m happy for my new flash & my new keyboard. Yay technology.

  • kimberly

    oh my gosh not fair! not fair to show us those yummy apples without offering a bite. Now be polite and gimme a bite!

    Relief in this camp too about the RS.

  • radish

    I’m so glad there’s another Red Sox fan! Go Sox!! 🙂

  • tracy

    ladies- my husband is a DIE-HARD red sox fan. Ever seen Fever Pitch? That’s my life. It’s actually the main reason we are married. Long story- i’ll get to that one day. If they didn’t win last night, my household would have been filled with a huge fog of disappointment. He lives for the Sox. I love watching, but i get sooooo stressed out. I was on the treadmill last night next to a yankees fan (YUCK!) and I was swearing at the tv. I think the woman next to me was frightened!

  • Melisser

    Mmm, caramel apple! I hope your day improved!

  • Tracy

    it sure did 😉

  • radish

    That’s funny, I live in NY – where being a Red Sox fan is quite an undertaking – I found a few Red Sox friendly bars though – so that helps!

  • jeska

    Think the caramel apple should counts as as least three! wish my neighbors weren’t so demented : )

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