November 14, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. It’s important to make time for rest & solitude. 
  2. Things you can organize by color!
  3. I secretly wish I could live in this tiny apartment.
  4. Oscar Wilde was witty!
  5. Facts about Starbucks.
  6. My brain likes looking at this.
  7. This also pleases me greatly.
  8. I’m gonna hafta make this for the holidays.
  9. I love Louis CK.
  10. Any recipe that has the word DRUNKEN is alright with me.
  11. Did you know I’ve never made a Shepherd’s Pie? Time to change that.
  12. What stores should really be called…this is hilarious.
  13. The transformation is incredible.
  14. I love Heidi’s thoughts on Maintaining a Long Term Blog
  15. What a beautiful DIY project for a wedding!
  16. I’d love to make a necklace like this one.
  17. This backsplash situation is gorgeous.
  18. Our Mommy Problem. Oh this is it.
  19. I’ve seen a few of these movies.
  20. I’m totally an INFJ.


  • Lee Ashley

    Um, so I love Oscar Wilde….and scrolling through his quotes made me think of those Dos Equis beer commercials. Oscar Wilde is the *most interesting man in the world!*

  • Natalia (basmatilime.blogspot.com)

    I loved Our Mommy Problem article, it hits the nail on the head for me, thank you for sharing that!!!

  • DessertForTwo

    GAH. The Mommy article. I’m expecting, and I SO needed to read that. Everyone keeps telling me ‘things are gonna change!’ Or, ‘once that baby comes, you’ll do this…or you won’t do this.’ And I’m like…um, I’m going to be a good mom, yes. But I’m not going to be an entirely different person. My baby is a significant part of my life, not a new entire life. Where would my husband and existing family fit in if I dropped everything and became super mom? Anyway, THANK YOU.

    Happy Friday!!! xo

  • Keith

    Just FYI, the Starbucks article you linked to is almost all completely wrong. Most annoying inaccuracy: there is no secret menu – you are allowed to use any ingredient to make your own recipe for drinks (within reason and allergy safety rules) – you can’t just say the name of a made up drink, you have to know how it’s made. Also, the original drink sizes were Short and Tall (short isn’t a secret), they added Grande (large in italian) and a 20oz cup Venti (20 in italian). The unbranded stores in Seattle are not a secret, they clearly state on the menu that they are Starbucks stores. They serve new menu items (late night food, beer & wine)- they are unbranded to avoid confusion.

    I love these lists, just thought you’d like to know.

  • stacy

    I have usually gone between INFJ and INFP on the Meyers-Briggs–but the INF never wavers, so I hear you, especially on point 2 of that list.

    I am not a mother, nor likely ever to be one, but that article seemed spot on. I grew up in the ‘get outside and entertain yourself while I do my thing’ era of parenting and have been baffled by the expectations of mothers these days.

  • Christy @TheMuddyApron

    I can’t wait for Fridays. I’ve come to rely on your lists. Thank you.

  • Kate

    The flower photo from the color list makes me indescribably happy.

  • Alessandra @ the foodie teen

    The long term blogging post was incredibly interesting – I remember you saying on a podcast episode that you’d never taken a break, which I find absolutely amazing! And I love the colour organization list too.. swoon!

  • Shannon

    INFJers of the world unite! I’m an INFJ, too and Thought Catalog is spot on! I happen to be of the opinion that INFJers are the best creative types due to their empathy and understanding combined with their artistic spark.

  • Jamie

    If I was single and wanting to live in a city environment, that tiny lego apartment would be AWESOME. Best tiny living space I’ve ever seen on the web.

  • Tricia

    S’mores bark looks so good. That video is amazing, if only I could do my make-up that well. That is so true about the what stores should really be called.

  • anna

    I always look forward to your lists! Love #12 : )

  • Ella

    That back splash looks AMAZING! Sometimes I really can’t wait to own my own place and be able to do things like that with MY space- my parents would hate a marble kitchen (womp, womp).

  • Amanda

    Yay for INFJs! Thanks for sharing the article, I love reading Myers-Briggs type things!

  • Mica

    I have never made Shepard’s Pie either and I am an INFJ as well ! You know who is INFJ as well, you’ll never guess. Jesus. Yup 😀
    I read it in an INFJ article. You can use it in arguments 😉

  • S

    Is there any secret to that yummy sausage/veggie roasted thing in the photo? That looks yummy, how can I make it myself?

    • Tracy

      Oh! I just throw everything on a baking sheet and roast it for about 20 minutes or so at 400F. Then I top with Parmesan.

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