November 4, 2007

Uncrystallized Candied Ginger

Favorite Trader Joes Item #4: Uncrystallized Candied Ginger

uncrystallized candied ginger

candied ginger

I was walking around my local Trader Joe’s one day and found a whole row of Uncrystallized Candied Ginger.  I love ginger…but usually don’t like the crystallized version for some reason. I picked up the package and gave it a squeeze. I was excited to find that they felt like they’d be chewy and have the perfect bite. When I got into the car, I immediately opened them up (this is a typical occurrence). They were exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Not tooo sweet….Not toooo spicy. They were the perfect consistency! I think the crunchiness of the crystallized version is what puts me off.

I’ve used them in baking (made some pumpkin ginger muffins).

I’ve put some in my tea (it made them so plump).

I’ve introduced my coworkers to them (they love them-One coworker wants me to pick him up some!).

I’ve hoarded some in my pantry (you never know when you might need more).

after all….the package says they’re sweet & smooth…..

  • jeska

    I spiked my other half with a ginger gummy bear a while ago, I thought he’d like it as he likes spicy things. He did not : (

  • laura

    well, obviously trader joe’s is like magic or something! 🙂

  • Anna

    Oh, I love love love those, too!!!!

    I’m studying abroad in Germany right now, so sadly there’s not TJ’s. I’m thinking I’m going to have to try making candied ginger at home…

  • Tracy

    jeska: ha! that just means more for you! *awesome*

    laura: tj’s IS magic.

    anna: lemme know if you have a good recipe in making them! i’d love to try it 😉

  • Kelly

    Ooo, these look delicious! I’ve tried TJ’s crystallized ginger, but like you – couldn’t get into it. Too sweet, I think. I’ll have to watch out for these next time I’m there. (And with these posts, I may be there sooner than originally planned!)

  • Tracy

    kelly: I hope you love them too!

  • doanloc

    I want to buy it in Vietnam, can you help me

  • ct

    And now … of course … it’s been discontinued. It’s one of my favorite TJ’s products so I’m literally devastated. Why is it so hard to find the uncrystalized version anywhere else? Please let me know if you have any alternative sources.

    • KP

      I’m totally with you ct. Why was it discontinued?! And how is it that it’s so hard to find anywhere else?!

      • ct

        I’ve gotten some updated information from my insider connections at Trader Joe’s. Apparently it’s not officially discontinued but rather simply temporarily out of stock. The word is that a bad crop has severely limited the availability of this product. They may be seeking a new manufacturer or they may just wait until the supplies are replenished.
        Either way, I’ve been told that there is hope so I’ve been checking for it each time I’m there. Cross your fingers.
        Why is it so hard to find elsewhere? That’s why TJ’s is so incredible. They provide us with products that you simply can’t find anywhere else. So rather than being frustrated, I’m trying instead, to be completely grateful for the unique products that still are available to me. …like the South African Smoke Seasoning. Have you tried that yet? Oh my lord. You must. It’s by the dried spices in one of those grinder-packages. You must try it; it may take your mind off of the missing ginger.

      • ct

        It’s back … it’s back … it’s BACK! Go check the shelves. I think you will be pleased. Go stock up before another bad crop comes along. Oh, the rewards today were well worth the wait.

    • SKJ

      My TJ’s told me that it is not discontinued but they have no idea when they will have it again due to a packaging issue. I can’t remember what it is called but there is something in it that is not noted on the packaging. (example) In the US packaging must verbalize on the package if something has peanuts in it. I have been seriously searching the web to find the same product but ya just can’t tell. Sad and brokenhearted in Indiana

  • Elaine

    The ginger is back. I use it for snacking, for tummy troubles, for autoimmune protection and because it tastes great. I hope they do not run out again. Perhaps they can find a supplier in Indonesia where the candies come from just in case their Thai supplier has another bad crop.

    Hope it stays stocked!

    I also share this with a neighbor who has an upset stomach due to cancer. It helps.

    • betsy

      so predictable — they are a no show again with no EDA AGAIN — so disappointed

  • Tess Quadra

    Hi I was hoping to get the recepie for uncrystallized candied ginger.
    I used to live in Kenya and was able to buy this at the grocery store.Now I am back in Manila,I can’t find them anywhere.Thank you.

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