November 28, 2007

Wasabi Tamari Almonds

Favorite Trader Joe’s Item # 28:  Wasabi Tamari Almonds

wasabi, tamari, almonds, heaven, spicy!

Have you noticed that I’m a HUGE  fan of almonds??  They are my favorite nut ever!

I eat them by the handful….

wasabi! almonds!

Sometimes I put them in little bowls to prevent an out-right binge.

I will only eat this much today.

But not that often!  Perfectly spicy! Perfect snack food!  I’ll covet these… until my next TJ’s run…where I’ll buy more!

  • Melisser

    Ooh, those look good!

  • kimberly

    Ok I bought these cause’a you and I love them. But I gotta tell ya I make my own tamari almonds (and they are cheaper – yay!) Just toss raw almonds with tamari, put on a cookie sheet and cook, um, let’s say 350 for maybe 12 minutes (just check them and stir them a lot). Soooo good. Now how to get the wasabi on them too???

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