snacking on sungolds

guess who ate these?

I quickly wanted to share a snack with you… sungolds! I think the main reason for growing these tomatoes was the snacking potential. I mean, what better way to give yourself a boost when you are working out in the garden?? I don’t know if these will ever make it inside. They are too delish to resist. Perfectly sweet with a slight tang… I am going to continue to snack away on them…..

  • Crystal

    They look delicious! I love the color.

  • Crystal

    I didn’t put the right website URL. Silly me.

  • Gabrielle

    Our sungolds are going strong in the garden too (we’re on the SF Peninsula).

    I made a killer guacamole tonight with avocado, sungolds, lime, cumin/garlic/salt,
    and pickled red onions.

    So delicious – and all the more better since the tomatoes came from our garden!

    • Tracy

      Gabrielle- we are in the SF Pennisula too! Super SUPER sunny over at my house most days. I am soooo gonna make guac with my babies! Thanks for the idea.

  • Lisa W.

    Those look fantastic!

  • Becky and the Beanstock

    Ah, yes, me too. Snacking away. Everyday there’s another handful — sort of like the loaves and fishes, only better. 🙂

  • Rachel

    This just randomly showed up on the page when I was clicking through your site again–and it must’ve been fate! One of my coworkers just brought in a sungold plant for my garden today. We planted them last year and I don’t think any of them ever made it inside–perfect garden snack food.

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